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Poll: Trust for mainstream media in free fall

According to a recent Gallup/Knight Foundation poll, 86% of Americans polled believed that the mainstream media is biased.

The Daily Caller reports:

86% of Americans said that the media is biased, with 49% of respondents saying that there is “a great deal” of political bias in news coverage and 37% saying there is “a fair amount” of bias, according to the poll. […]

The poll also found that Americans viewed political bias in news as a “major problem” and that they perceive inaccuracies in news as purposeful and intended to push a specific agenda.

73% of respondents said that bias is a “major problem,” compared to 65% who said it was a major problem in 2017. A majority of Americans – 54% – said that inaccuracies were intentional because reporters were misrepresenting facts, and 28% believed reporters made up facts entirely, the poll found.

READ: POLL: 86% Of Americans Think The Media Is Biased

As one person noted, the news today are mostly political commentaries rather than actual news reporting.

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