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Comparing headlines

Many are blaming the mainstream media for the panic surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. You can see it by comparing two headlines one from the mainstream media and the second by Breitbart.

Both articles are talking about statements made by Robert Redfield, the director of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). Last week, computer models projected 100,000 to 240,000 COVID-19 deaths in the US, this week Redfield said that number would be “much, much, much lower.” Three “much’s” in a row sounds like a huge reduction and very good news.

But compare ABC’s headline (mainstream media) that downplayed the good news: CDC director downplays coronavirus models, says death toll will be ‘much lower’ than projected

With Breitbart’s headline that correctly quoted the director: CDC Director: Coronavirus Death Toll Will Be ‘Much, Much, Much Lower’ than Projected

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