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Enviro fanatic hails the benefits of a US-China war and COVID?

Global warming sign buried in snow: England/Source unknown

Apparently, a member of our esteemed media is suggesting that a war between the US and Communist China would be good because it will help stop global warming. And yes, he allegedly also wrote about the benefits of COVID for the same reason.

It happened recently after Communist China threatened military action if US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan on her recent visit to to Asia.

Breitbart provides more details:

South China Morning Post (SCMP) North American bureau chief Robert Delaney published a bizarre editorial on Tuesday in which he suggested a war between America and China, sparked by Beijing making good on its threat of a military response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) visit to Taiwan, could be even better than the coronavirus pandemic for reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

Delaney’s long screed, which only got around to his give-war-a-chance grand finale in the final paragraphs, included hosannas for the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic as the luckiest break for the climate change movement in generations, since it significantly reduced energy consumption and emissions.

READ: Hayward: Columnist Says Pelosi Triggering U.S.-China war Could ‘Fight Climate Change’

Of course, there is not unanimous agreement among the global warming fanatics on the benefits of war in the fight against climate change.

In an interview with BBC Arabic, US government Global Warming mogul, John Kerry, complained that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was directing people’s attention away from climate change. READ: WATCH: John Kerry complains Ukraine is diverting attention from climate change

For the record Pelosi did visit Taiwan. READ: Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan for controversial visit defying Chinese threats, US military AND WATCH: Chinese warplanes, ships taunting Taiwan as Pelosi arrives

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