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Global warming: That’s not supposed to happen

We are still be inundated with messaging about how we need to turn to green energy to save the planet from man-made Global warming. It’s always a bit annoying for those pushing that narrative when things happen that conflict with this message. Like what’s happening in at the Norquay Ski Resort in Banff, Alberta Canada.

Why is Montana’s Glacier National Park changing its signs?

There is strange thing happening in Glacier National Park, located in Montana, USA, they have already replaced some signs and are planning to change others. It is not that changing or even removing signs is unique in itself, as that probably happens on a semi regular basis in the park, but what is strange, is the reason why. Because of the hysteria built up around man-made Global Warming, the park had been told by the US Geological Survey that its glaciers, the very reason for the park’s existence, would disappear by 2020. The signs dutifully put up by park officials about ten years ago warned visitors its glaciers will have all melted away by this year. Basically, they were saying in our social media driven climate, get one last selfie before they melt away. Well in 2019, it was very apparent due to increased snowfall that the glaciers would not be gone in 2020. You will see the full irony in the increased snowfall in Dr. Viner’s quote at the end of this article. Uncharacteristically, …