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Facebook just censored one of opentheWord’s articles

I call it a badge of honour, but someone just told me that Facebook censored one of my articles, as it was completely yanked from the social media site. They forwarded me the warning I received.

Apparently, the article was yanked because it was partially false:

Now, we need a bit of context here. The global warming elitists are gathering in Glasgow, Scotland for a big man-made warming shin ding where they will warn us, as they have done for nearly 20 years, that we only have ten years to save the planet.

As the elitists fly in on their private jets, they will also be insisting the peasants of the world should no longer be allowed to drive our cars.

So, of course, Facebook’s censors on heightened alert for any news that would contradict the global warming propaganda.

Apparently, my article on how Australia’s Great Barrier, that was allegedly obliterated by man-made global warming, is now growing back was partially false.

In what can only be described as a major disappointment to the global warming propaganda machine, the Australian government reports that the coral reef has recovered by 26% since its die off in 2017.

But what seems to have caught the censors’ ire is the suggestion by the Daily Wire, that was the source of my article, that the barrier reef is growing back rather fast. The censors insist it is not growing back fast.

Yes, the article was censored over semantics.

But here is the point, if the environmental fanatics insist that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was destroyed by global warming, then why is it growing back at all.

Has the global warming stopped?

Since it is growing back, we have to either presume the planet is cooling down or the die off was the result of other natural forces.

This seems to be the first of my posts that was censored by Facebook. I can’t be sure, because I am never, repeat never, on Facebook as I use software to automatically upload an article to opentheWord’s Facebook page. Unless someone lets me know, I do not know.

But I take it as a badge of honour, because Jesus warned His disciples to ‘beware when all people speak well of you‘ (Luke 6:26).

There are people that you don’t want to like you, and for me that includes Facebook’s left wing censors.

And as an added bonus, since I am referring to the Daily Wire article again, I expect Facebook will censor this article as well.

In the last few hours The Great Barrier Reef barely escaped being labeled as "in danger" by a branch of the China-friendly-UN. Go ell us how climate change causes record coral growth?


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