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As global warming fearmongering grows, so is the Great Barrier Reef

The Global elite, celebrities, royals, the mega rich, and left-wing politicians, will soon be flying in on their private jets for a major man-made global warming confab to be held in Glasgow, Scotland on Oct 31, 2021.

During this two week propaganda show, they will be doing their usual fearmongering, telling the peasants how we need to suffer to stop global warming. We can’t drive cars, but they can still use their private jets.

But with the show just days away, they received some disturbing news. A poster child is losing its sheen.

Global warming activists have been blaming rising CO2 emissions on the decline of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef over the past few years.

However, according to the Daily Wire, the Australia government is reporting that the Great Barrier Reef has seen a 26% increase since its 2017 low, despite CO2 emissions continuing to go up.

So is the mainstream media, the official propaganda office for the global elite, reporting on the recovery? Of course not.

But oddly they are in another way, through their deafening silence.

Because while they blathered on about the reef’s decline over the past four years, they are suddenly not talking about it at all.

READ: Despite Climate Change Fearmongering, Study Shows The Great Barrier Reef Is Growing Quickly

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