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Haiti: Elderly pastor still held hostage, & gang threatens to kill 17 missionary hostages

Haiti: Credit: Hannah Gibbs/

With 17 missionaries and their families, including five children, still being held hostage by the Mawozo gang in Haiti, concerns are being expressed about an elderly pastor kidnapped a few weeks earlier.

CBN reports that Pastor Jean Pierre Michel, 79, was kidnapped nearly four weeks ago in broad daylight in front of the church he helped found, Jesus Center, in Port-au-Prince.

Even though the family and church paid the ransom, Pastor Michel has still not been released. According to reports, the kidnappers are now demanding more money.

There have also been more developments on the kidnapping of the 17 missionaries working with Christian Aid Ministries (CAM). According to reports, the Mawozo gang is demanding $1 million for each person, though it is uncertain if this includes the children.

A leader of the notorious gang also released a video stating that all 17 would be killed if the ransom demands are not met. He also threatened Haiti’s prime minister and chief of police.

READ: Abducted Elderly Pastor Still Held After Ransom Paid, Haitian Gang Threatens to Kill 17 Other Missionary Hostages

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