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Will the ‘green’ delusion ever end?

It is difficult to grasp how reckless politicians and bureaucrats become when they have been deluded by the global warming environmental cult. READ: The cult of global warming

With Germany facing a major energy crisis this winter due largely to its move to green energy compounded by the Russia Ukraine war, the country is still moving ahead to close down the last of its nuclear power plants.

The Daily Wire provides more details:

Germany will likely proceed with shutting down its three remaining nuclear power plants despite an uncertain supply of gas ahead of the winter season, economy minister Robert Habeck said on Sunday. […]

Habeck dismissed concerns of gas shortages by assuring the public that “we have a really good chance of getting through the winter” if households and businesses cut energy usage by 15% to 20%. Nevertheless, Habeck is open to keeping one plant open in the manufacturing region of Bavaria depending on the results of a stress test on the German power system. He asserted that Germany must pivot entirely away from fossil fuels to avoid future turmoil wrought by geopolitical conflicts.

READ: Germany Poised To Shut Down Last Nuclear Plants Despite Gas Shortage Ahead Of Winter Months

They are actually willing to endanger people’s lives over their cult-like obsession. RELATED: I would block ambulance with dying patient, says Extinction Rebellion founder after eco-warriors spark traffic chaos

More advice from the German Green cultists

From Google Translate:

In times of gas shortages and rising prices, Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann sees himself on the right track as an energy saver. “I have an electric car, I have a huge photovoltaic system on the roof,” said the Green politician of the “Südwest Presse”.

Kretschmann’s tip: »We usually only heat one room. It’s also healthier if you don’t have the same temperature everywhere in the house.« In addition, you don’t have to shower all the time. “The washcloth is also a useful invention,” advised Kretschmann.

READ FROM SPIEGEL: »Auch der Waschlappen ist eine brauchbare Erfindung« (English: »The washcloth is also a useful invention«)

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