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Desperate Europe to declare nuclear and natural gas as green energy?

After going full bore into green energy, the European Union has finally come to its senses. Facing skyrocketing energy prices and blackouts, the EU has released a draft proposal declaring nuclear and natural gas energy green.

Yes, somehow the global warming fanatics had convinced the EU that nuclear reactors were emitting carbon, resulting in several countries closing down reactors.

Breitbart noted that this would not be a permanent declaration. Nuclear will be declared green until 2045 and natural gas until 2030.

Breitbart also added this tidbit from the Wall Street Journal:

Could this winter’s energy crisis be shocking Europe into climate realism?” the editors of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) asked in astonishment Monday in reaction to the proposal.

Someone please pass the smelling salts to the Sierra Club,” they added.[…]

This is that rarest of cases in climate policy where the politics aligns with energy reality,” declared the WSJ editorial. “If environmentalists mean what they say about the urgency of cutting CO2 emissions, nuclear is the only widely available power source that’s zero-emitting and more reliable than wind or solar.”

The proposal has yet to be passed in the EU parliament, and already Green groups are expressing their horror and their annual warning that the world will end in ten years if we don’t cut back carbon emissions.

READ: EU Plan Declares Nuclear Power and Natural Gas ‘Green Energy’

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party continues to build more coal power plants at a record rate. READ: China built the equivalent of more than one large coal plant every week in 2020

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