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Why is Montana’s Glacier National Park changing its signs?

Mountain Goat overlooking Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana Credit: Robert M. Russell/Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 4.0

There is strange thing happening in Glacier National Park, located in Montana, USA, they have already replaced some signs and are planning to change others.

It is not that changing or even removing signs is unique in itself, as that probably happens on a semi regular basis in the park, but what is strange, is the reason why.

Because of the hysteria built up around man-made Global Warming, the park had been told by the US Geological Survey that its glaciers, the very reason for the park’s existence, would disappear by 2020.

The signs dutifully put up by park officials about ten years ago warned visitors its glaciers will have all melted away by this year. Basically, they were saying in our social media driven climate, get one last selfie before they melt away.

Well in 2019, it was very apparent due to increased snowfall that the glaciers would not be gone in 2020. You will see the full irony in the increased snowfall in Dr. Viner’s quote at the end of this article.

Uncharacteristically, CNN was one of the first to report that signs were changing, tweeting:

The signs at Glacier National Park warning that its signature glaciers would be gone by 2020 are being changed. They were added more than a decade ago to reflect climate change forecasts at the time by the US Geological Survey, a park spokewoman says. https//t.co/5NkzFc7xJR

-CNN (@CNN) January 8, 2020

According to reports, the signs warning of the glaciers’ disappearance at St. Mary’s visitor center were taken down last year, and park officials, claiming tight maintenance budgets, are waiting further funding to change the remaining signs warning of their glaciers’ demise.

The new signs will state the glaciers are still going to disappear but will have no firm date, and then with predictable alarmist fervor warn it will happen unless we do something immediately.

The reality is that the glaciers have been shrinking since the 1850s, going from 150 glaciers over 25 acres in size to just 26 in 2015.

You can’t blame the shrinkage on cars because they weren’t mass-produced until 1913 and many suspect the glacier decline is part of a natural warming cycle as the earth pulled out of the mini ice age that hit between the 16th and 19th century.

Of course failed predictions are pretty much the status quo for the man-made global warming camp because they fail to account for the earth’s natural warming and cooling cycles.

When one of the world’s top Global Warming alarmists, Al Gore, received his Nobel Prize in 2007, he predicted that the Arctic would be ice free in seven years, or by 2014. He was wrong.

Satellite images (below) of the Arctic’s Polar Ice Cap in August 2012 and again in August 2014, provided by the University of Illinois, reveal a dramatic increase in ice despite record amounts of CO2 being poured into the atmosphere:

The dramatic increase in the size of the Polar Ice Caps in the Arcitc between August 29, 2012 and August 29, 2014. Based on images produced by the University of Illinois Cryosphere project

And on January 15, 2018, the Weather Channel reported that there was snow on the ground that day in all 50 US states, a remarkable meteorological achievement considering one of the lead scientists behind the UN’s man-made global warming thrust predicted that snow would be a thing of the past.

In a March 20, 2000, interview with The Independent, Dr. David Viner said:

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.

“Snow will become a very rare and exciting event.”

Dr David Viner, March 20, 2000, The Independent

At the time he made that statement nearly 20 years ago, Viner was a lead scientist at England’s University of East Anglia’s climate research unit. This group was providing much of the global warming research for the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


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