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Canadian government’s head of propaganda promises bonuses to staff?

Of course, the Trudeau government already has its own government-owned, state media, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which costs taxpayers $1.4 billion per year, that faithfully touts Trudeau’s views.

But in addition, the cash-strapped Trudeau government also provided $600 million in subsidies to other mainstream media outlets such as CTV, Global, Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star.

And recently Canada’s Heritage minister promised more funding to these main-stream media outlets after thanking them for their pro-Trudeau, anti-freedom coverage of the recent Freedom Convoy 2022 protests calling for an end to the COVID mandates:

Blacklock’s Reporter explains:

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez is promising more media subsidies after thanking reporters for their Freedom Convoy coverage. ‘Look at the role that the journalists played,’ said Rodriguez: ‘I think there are even more things we should be able to do.’”

Yes, if the mainstream media continues to put the Trudeau government’s propaganda on their font pages, Rodriguez sees more bonuses, err taxpayer subsidies in their future.

READ (behind paywall): Gov’t Grateful for Coverage

That ancient proverb still rings true: “He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

Trust in Canada’s mainstream media declining

Over the past several years, there has been a steady decline in Canada’s mainstream media.

A poll conducted in 2021, revealed:

  • 49% of Canadians believe journalists are “purposefully trying to mislead” either through outright lies or exaggeration;
  • 52% believe Canada’s mainstream media is pushing a political agenda or ideology; and
  • 52% believe the mainstream media is no longer objective.

READ: Canadian trust in journalism is wavering.

The biggest problem with the mainstream media is that they claim to be unbiased and claim to be reporting the facts honestly, but increasingly Canadians are realizing they are not.

MORE RELATED CBC NEWS: Minister in charge of CBC applauds legacy media’s convoy coverage

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