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Poll: Conservative media viewers more accurately estimate COVID death rate

CNN’s studios
Credit: hyku/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

Several surveys have shown that people have an exaggerated fear of COVID. A survey, earlier this year, revealed that the French believe that the death rate for those who contract COVID was ten times higher than the actual percentage.

And it is not much better in America.

The Western Journal reported on a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen that went a step further and tried to find out why people have such an exaggerated fear of COVID.

First, the pollster determined if their fear of COVID was exaggerated.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 1.6% of people who contract COVID actually died of the virus.

The Rasmussen survey revealed that:

  • 30% of Americans believed less 2% die (the right answer).
  • 20% believed it was between 2% and 5% (up three times higher).
  • 17% believed it was between 5% and 10% (up to six times higher).
  • 19% believed it was greater than 10% (over six times higher).

But then Rasmussen decided to find out how many people got the right answer based on what news channels they watched.

Rasmussen discovered that those who watched Newsmax (40%) and Fox News (34%) were nearly twice as likely to get the right answer of less than 2% compared to those who watched MSN BC (24%) and CNN (22%).

For those who didn’t watch cable news, 38% had the right answer.

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