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Poll: 76% of Americans say mainstream media pushing its own political agenda

According to a poll conducted in December 2021 by the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States, over 76% of Americans believe the mainstream media is pushing its own political and woke agenda rather than just reporting the news.

This includes a majority of supporters of all political stripes.

When broken down by political leaning, The Daily Caller reports that:

  • 90.3% of Republicans state the mainstream media is pushing its own political agenda;
  • 76.1% of Independents feel the same; and
  • 62.7% of Democrats similarly agree.

This means that only 23.7% of Americans actually trust the mainstream media to fairly report the news. This represents a dramatic drop in trust from earlier in 2021 when in a January poll, 46% of Americans said they trusted the mainstream media.

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