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Elitists at YouTube are trying to control what you watch

Well this explains a lot. I like to watch my favourite vloggers on YouTube but recently I have noticed that they are no longer appearing on my news feed forcing me to search for them.

YouTube used to show me more of the videos I was watching. Instead, I am being inundated by videos from mainstream media such as CNN, New York Times, and MSNBC, that I am not interested in viewing.

But in a recent interview on a New York Time’s podcast, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki admitted that their algorithms are pushing mainstream media on viewers whether they want it or not. It is what elitists do.

Apparently, I am not alone in my mainstream avoidance. Reclaimthenet reports on more of the interview:

However, after making the change, YouTube engineers warned Wojcicki videos from the mainstream “authoritative” sources weren’t performing very well in terms of engagement.

“The users don’t wanna actually see it,” the engineers told Wojcicki at the time.

READ: YouTube CEO: Users don’t like “authoritative” mainstream media channels but we boost them anyway

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