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Canada lockdown: Salting outdoor ice rinks

People in the city of Vaughan located in the Canadian Province of Ontario were outraged when a video was posted online of a city worker salting the ice on an outdoor rink.

Have the lockdowns gone to the dogs?

I can’t explain why dogs are suddenly becoming the theme for the 2021 lockdowns. I previously reported how the Canadian province of Quebec implemented a curfew preventing people from leaving their homes after 8 pm, unless they are taking their dog for a walk. Apparently, dogs protect people from COVID after 8 pm. And continuing with the dog theme, a factory in France is now requiring that its workers wear dog collars.

Study: No ‘clear, significant’ evidence of lockdowns slowing COVID

While many in the mainstream media have been bashing anyone who questions lockdowns as an effective tool in fighting COVID, researchers are coming to a different conclusion. A recent international study comparing how COVID spread in countries that implemented harsh lockdowns compared to those that didn’t, concluded there was “no clear, significant beneficial effect of [more restrictive measure] on case growth in any country.”

Lockdowns 10 times more harmful than COVID, study

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Dr. Ari Joffe, an infectious disease specialist at Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, Canada, explains why he no longer supports lockdowns as a tool in fighting the spread of the Coronavirus. In his recent paper entitled, COVID-19: Rethinking the lockdown Groupthink, Joffe did a cost-base analysis of the lockdowns and estimated that the damage they cause exceeds their benefits by ten times.

Video: How to amplify the number of COVID cases?

Ignore the sensationalized headline in this video. Because the interview with this doctor in the Canadian province of British Columbia on the extent of COVID cases in Canada reveals the other side of this debate. He explains the that there has been an amplification of the number of COVID cases in Canada. In other words, he reveals one more way that you can manufacture a COVID crisis.

Manufacture a COVID crisis: Claim hospitals are overrun

Britain is verging on a second or third lockdown that will be far more restrictive than the first, because apparently hospitals are being overrun with COVID patients. Well, someone decided to clip the headlines from The Guardian, a left-wing newspaper in England, that each winter traditionally publishes articles warning that Britain’s hospitals are on the verge of collapse because they are being overrun with patients.

Did lockdowns cause a dramatic rise in liver disease?

In Britain, many are wondering why there has been such a dramatic increase in alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) in 2020 compared to 2019. While some point their finger at COVID related anxiety others are blaming the lockdowns and their related job losses, financial stress and social isolation as the real reason. Caused by excessive drinking, ARLD kills approximately 8,000 people during a typical year in Britain.

The hospital bed COVID game?

Nearly all of Britain was in a serious political lockdown over Christmas because of COVID-19 and of course, as we reported earlier, police actually arrested a woman who went into her local hospital and videoed the empty wards which everyone thought were full of people with COVID. Well, a Freedom of Information request reveals on how overrun the hospitals were in the island nation during 2020 as compared to previous years:

Is it time to even out the lockdowns?

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but the politicians and health bureaucrats who are pushing lockdowns are also the same people who are not losing their jobs and salaries when they are implemented. Maybe it is time to even out the lockdowns by having everyone take an equal cut in pay. In a letter to the Calgary Sun, (Calgary, Canada), Mike Soch explains the concept. His letter is entitled, “No, we are not all in this together.”

Lockdowns: Long-term mental health fallout

Psychiatrists’ warnings about the long-term mental-health fallout from COVID-1984 lockdowns have been falling upon politically-deaf ears for months. The latest to raise concerns is Dr Adrian James, the president of Britain’s Royal College of Psychiatrists. James warned that the country will be paying a “profound” price for the lockdowns, long after they have ended.

The other ‘looming’ pandemic

It was surprising to read this on the CBC website. As Canada’s state-owned broadcaster, the left-leaning news site is essentially the communications department for the federal government. So, for it to even hint at questioning the lockdowns is shocking. But CBC wrote a story warning of another pandemic brewing because of the lockdown. It is called cancer:

Drug overdose deaths 621, COVID 173: San Francisco

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that nearly 4 times as many people died of drug overdoses in San Francisco than died of COVID-1984 in 2020. And in just 11 months, the number of overdoses recorded in the city had increased by 180 over the total number of overdose recorded in 2019. In comparison, 173 people had died of COVID so far in 2020. The lockdowns are largely blamed for the dramatic increase in overdose deaths.

Recent Gallup Poll shows why churches are essential

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis just announced that churches were essential and removed the state’s attendance caps that restricted religious services. In part, Polis was responding to Liberty Counsel’s recent legal victories where courts ruled that US states can not violate religious freedoms guaranteed in the American Constitution by restricting church services in the name of COVID. And a recent poll by Gallup concurs that churches are indeed essential services. The survey, conducted between Nov 5 and 19, revealed that people over the age of 18 who attended religious services were experiencing better mental health than those who weren’t. In the 2020 pandemic year, 46% of people who attended church services reported excellent health and surprisingly this was even higher than the 2019 pre-pandemic years when 42% in the same group reported excellent mental health. Gallup also noted that those who regularly attended religious services was the only demographic that showed an increase in those claiming excellent mental health over the previous year. For Americans as a whole, the Gallup poll revealed only 34% described their …

Another ‘lockdown for thee, but not for me’ politician

Add another one to the list. The mayor of Austin, Texas, Steve Adler, is a Democrat and in late November he put out a quick video telling people to stay home for Thanksgiving to stop the spread of COVID. There was just one problem, though, he was actually vacationing in Mexico, along with eight people, including extended family, when he made the video. Predictably after getting caught, Adler apologized for his “lapse in judgment,” while at the same time insisting he had not technically broken the city’s lockdown rules. The Blaze explains: The mayor of Austin, Texas, acknowledged to KVUE-TV that when he made a video last month warning residents to “stay home” to slow the coronavirus spread, he was on vacation in Mexico with family members and others. In the warning video posted to his Facebook page Nov. 9, Mayor Steve Adler said, “We need to stay home if you can…We need to keep the numbers down. Now is not the time to relax,” the station reported. But Adler confirmed to KVUE that when the video was recorded, …

Have COVID lockdowns turned into COVID-1984 tyranny?

Recently, Dr. Dennis Jackman, a physician and pastor of United Methodist Church in Pasadena, Maryland was threatened with a $5,000 fine, jail time and a complete shut down of the church because he was not wearing a mask while ALONE in his church. I think that needs to be repeated he was all by himself in the church when an inspector with the local health authority showed up after receiving a tip off from a snitch that “there might be somebody here without a mask on.” Maryland has been actively promoting its snitch line where citizens can turn in their enemies, family, friends and neighbours for real or imagined violations of the state’s COVID lockdown. According to the Christian Post, Jackman was in his office when he heard someone trying to open the church’s locked front doors. He wasn’t expecting anyone so Jackman decided to check what was going on. When he opened the door and saw someone standing there, Jackman returned to his desk and got his mask. But because he wasn’t wearing a …

Using strip clubs to be as wise as serpents?

When Jesus was sending out His disciples to preach the Gospel, the Lord gave them some very strange advice, He said: 16 “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. (Matthew 10:16 ESV) Many struggle to interpret what Jesus meant by this. Biblically, the serpent was portrayed as crafty and deceptive when it tempted Adam and Eve to fall into sin. Meanwhile, the dove was considered clean, a picture of innocence and the Holy Spirit. So how do these two conflicting metaphors work together? I think the glue that brings them together is that the disciples were being sent out as sheep among wolves. The church has enemies. We need to understand how this enemy works and be as crafty when it comes to dealing with them. But this craftiness needs to be balanced with the innocence of doves meaning we can’t use this craftiness to take personal advantage of others. A couple recent stories may portray this balance at work. As …

Death sentence due to COVID-1984 lockdown?

The Daily Mail is reporting that Britain’s lockdown may have severely impacted the health of a 23-year-old mother who now has a cancer life sentence after having three previous appointments cancelled. The Daily Mail explains: A care worker who had three vital medical appointments cancelled due to Covid was told by doctors she had cancer over Zoom.  Kimberley Eccles’s aggressive cancer has now spread and the mum-of-one has been told she only has six months to live. The 23-year-old has been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare tissue disease her doctors tell her is found in only 1% of the adult population.   She was told the devastating news in August over an online video call with her doctors while her shocked seven-year-old daughter looked on.  READ: Mother-of-one, 23, who had three vital medical appointments cancelled due to Covid is told over ZOOM she has deadly cancer and six months to live British doctors have repeatedly warned the government of the untold medical damage being caused by the lockdowns. Breitbart explains: But it was the audit of …

Are church services similar to indoor concerts? If so…

A recent study on the spread of Coronavirus at indoor music concerts could potentially bolster calls to allow church services to restart. German researchers tracked the potential spread of COVID at a concert held towards the end of August in Leipzig, Germany. The researchers concluded that there is little chance of Coronavirus being spread at concerts provided there is proper ventilation.

‘Let my people go’

When God was ready to deliver Israel out of Egypt, He gave these instructions to Moses: Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, says: “Let my people go, so that they may worship me.” (Exodus 9:1 NIV) What we often miss in this passage is that God uses people in the fight for freedom. And several churches in California are facing similar battles as different levels of government are using legal means to try to stop churches from holding worship services during the COVID lockdowns. And churches and pastors are standing up to them. Perhaps the most ludicrous involved a $1,000 fine levied against Lady of Angels Catholic Church based in Arcadia, CA, after 11 people were caught leaving the 500-seat building after a time of prayer. The church was actually fined $500 for allegedly breaking COVID regulations and $500 for not allowing an inspector to enter the building. On the other side of the fine spectrum, Calvary Chapel …