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Is it time to even out the lockdowns?

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but the politicians and health bureaucrats who are pushing lockdowns are also the same people who are not losing their jobs and salaries when they are implemented.

Maybe it is time to even out the lockdowns by having everyone, including politicians and bureaucrats, take an equal cut in pay. In a letter to the Calgary Sun, (Calgary, Canada), Mike Soch explains the concept. His letter is entitled, “No, we are not all in this together.”

Got to love the arrogance in statements by our politicians. That being (Rachel) Notley, (Naheed) Nenshi, (Justin) Trudeau, even (Jason) Kenney or any other public servant: “We are all in this together.” Are we now? To all of you, feeding at the taxpayer-filled trough. How much wages have you lost? How many businesses have you lost? How depleted are your savings? How much stress are you are under because you can’t afford your mortgage or car payments? Are you telling your kids they can’t go to dentist because you can’t afford it? I don’t think so. The only thing that really changes for you, when it comes work and wages, is that you might work less, due to some closures, but your pay hasn’t changed, it is the same. So next time you want to spew that line, bite your tongue. It is insulting to all of us paying for your well being and you sound stupid.

READ: Letters, Dec. 24: ‘No, we are not all in this together’

RELATED: A desperate business owner in California blocked the vehicle of a Los Angeles County Health inspector who fined the owner because people who bought food at the restaurant’s drive-through reportedly ate their food while sitting on a bench on city property. Meanwhile, the owner can’t pay his employees and the bureaucrat still gets a full salary.

The Daily Wire explains:

Roman was reportedly cited because two people were eating on a bench outside his restaurant, which he maintained was on public property and not within his responsibility. The restaurant received two $500 fines for failure to comply and interfering with a health inspector.

“[The health inspector] decided to come today and take pictures of people outside, and saying that he’s going to fine us and we can’t work out here,” Roman told police.[…]

“Did you get a paycheck on Friday?” Roman asked the inspector, who stood silently. “Did you get a paycheck? My people don’t. I bet you got a paycheck, didn’t you? You’re just doing your job, right? We’re all in this together? When I go to the bank I can tell the bank the health department said it’s OK? The health department said I don’t have to pay you? The health department said I can’t make a living?”

READ: ‘I’m Desperate’: Restaurant Owner Confronts Health Inspector, Blocks His Car In With Truck

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