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Britain: Arrested for videoing empty hospital beds?

Apparently, it’s illegal to video empty hospital wards in Britain, where the government is implementing Draconian lockdowns because the health care system is being overrun with COVID patients.

So, an anti-lockdown activist decided to visit her local hospital in Gloucestershire to see how overrun it actually was and found to her surprise empty wards. After she made the video public on Facebook, the police showed up the next day, handcuffed and arrested the woman.

Breitbart explains:

In the video posted on social media, the woman is heard saying: “Where’s the second wave? Where’re all the people dying from the second wave?” as she wanders through the largely deserted corridors of the hospital.

“We’ve just been locked down in Gloucestershire into Tier 3, for this? For an empty hospital, look at it, this is a disgrace,” the unnamed woman went on.

“To be honest I didn’t expect it to be this quiet,” the woman said, adding: “I expected a few more people to be around.”

“This is a disgrace. It is so dead. All the people in our country desperately waiting for treatment, cancer treatment heart disease, honestly this is making me so angry,” she concluded.

READ: Woman Arrested for Sharing Video of ‘Empty’ Hospital in England

Of course, this is not the first time that people have noted this. READ: What they DON’T tell you about Covid: Fewer beds taken up than last year, deaths a fraction of the grim forecasts, 95% of fatalities had underlying causes… and how the facts can be twisted to strike fear in our hearts

And when she said people are dying from cancer and heart attacks because of the COVID lockdowns, READ: Mother-of-one, 23, who had three vital medical appointments cancelled due to Covid is told over ZOOM she has deadly cancer and six months to live AND: 50,000 Children’s Surgeries Postponed, Deaths on Transplant Waiting List Near-Doubled Due to Lockdown: Report

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