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Canada’s snitches hard at work

The Stasi were the secret police set up in Communist East Germany to subdue its population in a reign of terror. One of their key assets were snitches who reported on neighbours, family, friends and enemies. It is estimated that at one point, 1 in a 100 East German citizens worked as snitches for the state. READ: PRAGER: Our Dress Rehearsal For A Police State

And we see the same “snitch” system developing in Canada where the rights of citizens are being stripped away under the COVID-1984 lockdowns. With the help of a neighbourhood snitch, police raided a home in Gatineau, Quebec to break up a small gathering of six people on New Year’s Eve.

The Blaze explains:

Some residents in Gatineau held a private New Year’s Eve party. Neighbors snitched on the partygoers, and police arrived at the home around 11:30 p.m., according to CTV News. There were six adults inside the home preparing to ring in the new year.

There is an unsettling video showing several police officers physically remove a man from the home. The man resists but is eventually forcefully plucked from the house by police officers, one of the cops is not wearing a face mask.

The video shows a group of police bring the man to the ground outside the residence. There is also a female being detained outside. In the viral video that has been viewed more than 4 million times, the sound of a female shrieking can be heard.

READ: Distressing video shows police raid home for ‘illegal gathering of six people’ on NYE in Canada; two arrested, six fined $1,546 each

Language warning on the video:

And snitches were busy in British Columbia as well. The Vancouver Sun reports:

Police say they issued tickets and broke up gatherings in several places in B.C. on New Year’s Eve in keeping with COVID-19 safety rules.

Vancouver police say they responded to 34 calls for gatherings and issued four tickets of $2,300 each to event organizers, including one to the owner of a restaurant near Granville and Davie Street found hosting a private party with around 100 people in attendance, and serving alcohol at 11 p.m.

READ: Vancouver, Victoria police issue tickets, break up gatherings on New Year’s Eve

And snitches reported on 40 people skating on an outdoor rink in Calgary. It resulted in the police tasering one young man. READ: Unsettling video shows cops assaulting, pulling taser on young man for playing ice hockey outside

RELATED: Canadian police encourage citizens to snitch on each other to fight ‘rising’ COVID cases

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