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‘Epitome of Stupid’ lockdown rules?

The “epitome of stupid” is what the people of Brisbane are calling a recent COVID-1984 lockdown rule in the Australian city that requires people to wear face masks in their car, even if driving alone. The fine is $200. Apparently the science must be saying that cars can catch COVID.

The Daily Mail explains:

Brisbane residents have slammed Queensland Health for telling them to wear face masks when they drive, even if they are alone.

Queensland Health posted on Facebook informing users of the rule after the state government introduced new measures to stem the spread of the deadly disease.

‘Do I need to wear a mask in my vehicle? We’ve been getting this question a lot,’ the post read. ‘The answer is yes.’

Many residents were left enraged and baffled by the rule.


Many questioned why they should be forced to wear a mask alone in their car when there is no risk of passing on a virus to anyone else.

READ: ‘Epitome of stupid’: Brisbane residents slam Covid rules forcing motorists to wear a face mask while driving even if they’re alone in the car – as a man is arrested for refusing to cover up

The “epitome of stupid” also describes the Canadian province of Manitoba that was fining churches for holding drive-in services, where people parked their cars in the church parking lot, with windows rolled up, and listening to a service being broadcast over shortwave FM. Thankfully, someone finally came to their senses and changed the rule. READ: Police block Canadian churchgoers from drive-in worship service: ‘heartbreaking’

The “epitome of stupid” also describes police in Britain who fined two women £200 each after they went for a walk outside while keeping themselves six feet apart. The police officer justified the fine by stating that the two women were carrying hot drinks in their hands which classified their walk as a picnic, forbidden under the country’s latest COVID-1984 lockdown.

The Daily Mail explains:

A former-police chief has claimed the Derbyshire officers who fined two women for going on a socially-distanced country walk together have ‘damaged’ the public’s perception of the police. 

Former Durham Police chief constable Mike Barton said he believed Derbyshire Police would ‘row back’ on its decision to fine beautician Jessica Allen and her British Airways flight attendant friend Eliza Moore.

The women were slapped with two £200 notices for driving seven miles for a socially-distanced stroll at Foremark Reservoir because officers said their hot drinks counted as a ‘picnic’.

READ: Police who fined two women £200 for socially-distanced country walk are slammed by ex-chief constable who says ‘if police don’t act fairly, public won’t comply’

The “epitome of stupid” also describes Australian police who fined a woman $1,652 for going for a walk alone. Solitary walks were allowed under Victoria’s dystopian lockdown rules. However, the woman was also carrying a sign protesting the state’s megalomaniac left-wing premier, Daniel Andrews. Because of this, police classified her solitary walk as a protest, that is forbidden, and fined her.

And apparently in Britain there were concerns that throwing snow balls was breaking COVID lockdown rules. READ: Police embarrassed over tweet about snowballs being thrown in violation of lockdown


  1. The rule about wearing masks in cars is not only stupid but dangerous. Anyone with reduced air capacity in their airways – rhinitis/sinusitis or reduced lung capacity wearing a mask can go into hypoxia rapidly, and not be aware their judgement and consciousness is impaired. This will cause accidents.


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