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Was Ron Paul banned for criticizing Facebook censorship?

Many believe the major social media platforms have gone rogue and are completely out of control and that governments need to break them up and allow for more competition. The Foundation of Economic Freedom (FEE) talks about Facebook’s latest ban of former American politician Ron Paul after he published an article criticizing the social media giant’s banning of US President Donal Trump.

Poland’s plan to deal with social media censorship

Social media giants such a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are now defining what is acceptable in society. If they don’t like your politics or beliefs, you are gone. It is essentially a battle over freedom of speech. But Poland has come up with a unique way to deal with Social Media censorship. If passed, under this initiative Big Tech companies could face massive fines if they censor posts that are legal under Polish law.

Mad Hater

Remember the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland? He was intense and temperamental, disturbed and dramatic. He may have been a fictional character yet he and his friend, the March Hare, were both quite insane. Imagine if we had people that eccentric, that energetic, that intense, and that disturbed running around in today’s fictional-sounding reality? Wait. We do. The Mad Haters. The Mad Haters is a great name for a punk rock band or even maybe a sports team. The very name invokes images of something you don’t want to mess with. They could even be a gang of youthful thugs fighting turf wars against their counterparts, the Rock Bottoms, or the Laughing Fools. If only they were fictional characters in some drug-induced fantasy story. But alas, they are all too real. A mad hater is someone who hates without reason, unless that reason is that you disagree with their politics. Or that you don’t live on the same street. Or that you like your eggs fried and not poached. Which end of the egg …

2021: Do we have a future now?

A few minutes ago, I got a surprise. I went for a walk, and the winter ice is slippery, so I was doing my careful penguin slide-walk. You have to live in a place with cold winters to know what that means. A neighbour came by, walking in the same way. We said the usual “Hello, how are you?,” and he was very happy to know that I was doing well. We walked together for a while, and he told me how concerned he was about our personal freedom. You probably know someone like him, and maybe you agree with him. Conspiracy people. He told me about a place that has a curfew, where millions of people are not allowed out at night, and this is supposed to keep us safe from the COVID virus. My neighbour bought extra groceries because he isn’t vaccinated. Apparently, he has been praying for me. I did not know that he had any religious beliefs, but he is very concerned about our future. I hear words like his in …

Have archaeologists discovered the dance floor on which John the Baptist was condemned to death?

According to a report on Live Science, archaeologists claimed to have found the very dance floor on which John the Baptist was condemned to death. In the Gospels, we are told the story behind John the Baptist’s execution at the hands of Herod of Antipas. The prophet had been actively condemning the marriage of Herod Antipas to a woman named Herodias. She was the wife of Herod’s half-brother Philip, who Herod actually stole while visiting Philip. Though the Romans were known for their notoriously low moral standards, even they were disgusted by Herod’s actions. Because of John’s constant condemnation of the marriage, Herod finally had John arrested. “But Herod the tetrarch, being rebuked by him about Herodias, his brother’s wife, and about all the evil things Herod had done, added this to everything else—he locked John up in prison,” (Luke 3:19-20). It was apparent by this action, that the Baptist’s words were having an impact on people’s opinion of this marriage, and Herod wanted John stopped. But Herod was hesitant about having John executed, because …