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Was Ron Paul banned for criticizing Facebook censorship?

Ron Paul Credit: Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons 3.0

Many believe the major social media platforms have gone rogue and are completely out of control and that governments need to break them up and allow for more competition. The Foundation of Economic Freedom (FEE) talks about Facebook’s latest ban of former American politician Ron Paul after he published an article criticizing the social media giant’s banning of US President Donal Trump.

UPDATE: Facebook just announced that Ron Paul’s banning was a mistake and has reopened his account. Nevertheless, the basic premise of the criticism still stands.

FEE explains:

By suspending Ron Paul, it becomes clear that ‘safety’ may not be Big Tech’s primary goal.

On Monday, Facebook blocked former presidential candidate Ron Paul from his own page. The move came hours after the longtime congressman and libertarian hero shared an article he wrote criticizing Twitter and Facebook for banning President Donald Trump from their platforms.

“Last week’s massive social media purges – starting with President Trump’s permanent ban from Twitter and other outlets – was shocking and chilling, particularly to those of us who value free expression and the free exchange of ideas,” Paul wrote. “The justifications given for the silencing of wide swaths of public opinion made no sense and the process was anything but transparent. Nowhere in President Trump’s two ‘offending’ Tweets, for example, was a call for violence expressed explicitly or implicitly. It was a classic example of sentence first, verdict later.”

Paul shared the article on Facebook sometime around 10 a.m. EST. Hours later, on Twitter, Paul said he had been blocked by Facebook.

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And Ron Paul is not the only person to criticize social media’s banning of the US President. Many who criticized the banning don’t even like President Trump but are critical of the decision on Freedom of Speech principles.

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