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Can dogs protect their owners from COVID after 8 pm? Asking for a friend!

The people of the Canadian province of Quebec are referring to their province as dystopian as the government just implemented its latest COVID-1984 lockdown preventing people from going for walks between 8 pm and 5 am. But apparently dogs are still allowed to take their humans for a walk after 8 pm

Have COVID lockdowns turned into COVID-1984 tyranny?

Recently, Dr. Dennis Jackman, a physician and pastor of United Methodist Church in Pasadena, Maryland was threatened with a $5,000 fine, jail time and a complete shut down of the church because he was not wearing a mask while ALONE in his church. I think that needs to be repeated he was all by himself in the church when an inspector with the local health authority showed up after receiving a tip off from a snitch that “there might be somebody here without a mask on.” Maryland has been actively promoting its snitch line where citizens can turn in their enemies, family, friends and neighbours for real or imagined violations of the state’s COVID lockdown. According to the Christian Post, Jackman was in his office when he heard someone trying to open the church’s locked front doors. He wasn’t expecting anyone so Jackman decided to check what was going on. When he opened the door and saw someone standing there, Jackman returned to his desk and got his mask. But because he wasn’t wearing a …

Growing support of civil disobedience for church services: Poll

According to a recent poll conducted by Public Religion Research Institute, and Ryan Burge, an Eastern Illinois University professor, there is a growing support for churches to defy the COVID-1984 lockdowns and start holding church services. But here is what is really bizarre. The poll showed that while over 60% of Americans were fine with church’s defying COVID0-1984 lockdowns, only 34% of church attenders supported such acts of civil disobedience.

US Supreme Court blocks Cuomo’s church lockdown

New York’s Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo is probably most famous for sending COVID patients to nursing homes and those most vulnerable to the virus. So, when Gov. Cuomo recently implemented COVID-1984 restrictions limiting church attendance in certain areas of the state to 10 or 25, a Catholic Church and two Jewish synagogues challenged Cuomo in court.

The COVID ‘asymptomatic’ cover-up?

Some governments and media seem intent on terrorizing people into submission by posting the latest updates on the number of new COVID cases. But deliberate or not, what is missing in those numbers is some very important data, like how many who tested positive are asymptomatic? This means they tested positive for COVID, but did not get sick.