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Billionaire elitist calls for shutting down small business

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is a billionaire with no financial worries in the world, so of course he is calling for all small businesses to be shut down as part of COVID-1984 lockdown. The peasants can live on gruel.

The Western Journal explains:

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that he is all in favor of shutting down bars and restaurants to deal with the coronavirus.

Gates was interviewed Sunday on CNN. Host Jake Tapper asked Gates to offer his thoughts on whether strict lockdowns should remain in force.

“Mask-wearing has essentially no downside,” Gates said. “They’re not expensive.”

As for many endangered small businesses, Gates said they should remain shuttered.

READ: Billionaire Bill Gates Advocates for Shutdown of Small Businesses, Claims COVID Impact Will Continue Into 2022

Note most of the headlines below are in response to the first lockdown, the second lockdown that Gates is supporting will simply be the final blow for many of them.

READ: Small Businesses Are Dying by the Thousands — And No One Is Tracking the Carnage

READ: Millions Of Jobs Will Be Lost And Businesses Will Go Bankrupt If Our Politicians Don’t Act Now

READ: 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing, report finds

READ: ‘I Can’t Keep Doing This:’ Small-Business Owners Are Giving Up

As for the second lockdown that Gates is supporting:

READ: 56% of small businesses won’t easily survive a second COVID lockdown: Survey

READ: Armageddon! Boxpark predicts 50% businesses won’t survive

READ: Small businesses won’t survive second lockdown, warns CFIB

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