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Youth paying the price for the lockdowns, suicide attempts tripled

A disturbing report out of McMaster’s Children’s Hospital, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada reveals the impact that COVID-1984 lockdowns are having on the mental well-being of youth, that includes a tripling of suicide attempts. It is the unseen cost of lockdowns that politicians and health officials are seemingly choosing to ignore.

Worse no one has any ideas of the long term effects of these lockdowns. Not surprisingly, the province of Ontario also has one of the most restrictive lockdowns in Canada.

The report reads:

Youth admitted for medical support after a suicide attempt has tripled over a four month period, compared to last year. Patients are staying in hospital longer due to more serious attempts.

A large number of these youth have reported COVID-related issues such as lack of social interaction, increased conflict at home, and the inability to rely on friends as main contributors.

In the same time period, youth admitted with substance use disorders has doubled compared to last year. In particular, the use of potentially deadly opioids has increased.

The number of cases admitted to hospital with predominant symptoms of psychosis has doubled, with the large majority related to substance use.

READ: The other side of COVID-19: Mental health challenges prevalent in youth

And in the US, a new report by the American Institute for economic research is reporting that more youth are dying from suicide than COVID, if anyone cares. READ: More “Covid Suicides” than Covid Deaths in Kids

My advice to politicians and health officials is it wouldn’t hurt once in a while to at least pretend you care about the damage the lockdowns are having on young people.

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