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Study: Tens of thousands of children clinically depressed due to lockdowns

According to a recent study out of the United Kingdom, the lockdowns associated with the COVID pandemic has resulted in tens of thousands of children becoming clinically depressed. The study also noted that girls were particularly affected by the lockdowns. Breitbart reports: According to the paper published in the Royal Society Open Science journal, children attending secondary schools in the United Kingdom found themselves suffering more from clinical depression as a result of COVID clampdowns. Researchers found that 27.1 per cent prevalence of depression among their thousands-strong sample, which they say represents a notable increase from where they would have expected the percentage to be had the pandemic never occurred. Overall, The Telegraph reports that this increased percentage means that 60,000 more youngsters were driven into clinical depression by the lockdown. READ: Lockdowns Drove Tens of Thousands of Kids into ‘Clinical Depression’ – Study Of course, this is not the first time we have heard this. READ: Depression Among Children Has Increased ‘Substantially’ Under Lockdown: Study READ: More youth are dying of suicide, overdose than COVID-19 during pandemic: …

Oxford epidemiologist says the threat of Omicron is overblown

Oxford epidemiologist, Professor Sunetra Gupta, has opposed the lockdowns since day one, arguing that they do more harm than good. If lockdowns actually worked, the COVID pandemic would have been over last spring. All lockdowns do is extend the pandemic. Gupta argues that lockdowns also do incredible harm to children. She adds that the healthy have to stop being afraid of infection because disease is a reality of life. Dr. Gupta argues that the medical establishment should have instead focussed on protecting the people who were actually vulnerable to the virus, the elderly, and those with underlying health conditions. It didn’t and in Canada, as an example, 69% of the COVID deaths lived in long-term care homes. READ: The Great Barrington Declaration RELATED: Vaccine inventor: Omicron could be ‘a Christmas present’ RELATED: Covid accounted for just one in 16 deaths in England and Wales in first full week of Omicron as virus fatalities fell to a two-month low, official data shows

Children suicides & self-harm skyrocket during lockdown, Italy

A report out of Italy reveals that there has been an alarming spike in suicide attempts not only among teens, but children as well, because of the lockdowns. Along with this, hospitals are also reporting a dramatic increase in incidents of self-harm, where children are purposefully cutting and burning themselves. Doctors are also reporting an alarming increase in mental health disorders and are laying the blame for these increases squarely on the lockdowns.

Britain: The devastating medical impact of lockdowns

More news on the negative fallout from the COVID lockdowns as they dramatically impacted the delivery of health care services in Britain. It is being reported that the number of people in Britain who died at home during the COVID lockdown is up 25,000 over last year with only a couple thousand attributed to the virus. It has left many wondering again if the lockdown cure is worse than the disease it’s supposed to be fighting. The report reveals the medical devastation attributed to the lockdowns. Breitbart explains: But it was the audit of several dozens of reports by health professionals, charities, and medical journals by the Daily Mail that revealed in full the staggering effect that the lockdown has had on non-COVID-19 patients. The report noted a Lancet paper stating that during the three months of lockdown, organ transplants fell by two-thirds, resulting in the numbers of people dying on transplant waiting lists to nearly double. Hospital chemotherapy attendance fell by 66 per cent in April, per a University College London study for the British Medical Journal …