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It’s only a game?

As governments lock down whole countries banning kids from even playing with their friends or ice skating, what are kids to do? Play video games of course and watch cartoons on TV. A mother in England tells of her experience with one of the more popular kid’s game platforms, Roblox.

Part of the problem is that anyone can upload a game to the Roblox platform and many of the games also feature live chats where players can interact with each other and some of them may not be kids.

The Daily Mail explains what happened in one of the games:

Tip-toeing into her eight-year-old daughter Emily’s bedroom, Lisa Deacon was expecting to find her little girl sleeping soundly.

Instead, Emily was wide awake, eyes glued to her mother’s iPad.

Cross that her daughter had not only taken the device without permission but continued using it after bedtime, Lisa whisked it away. It was only after she had returned to her own bedroom and saw what was on the iPad that her irritation turned to horror.

The computer game featured two naked male cartoon characters, aroused genitalia on display. One stood beside a female character, also naked, and was thrusting back and forth, simulating sex.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, a Roblox spokesman said it “works ‘relentlessly to create a safe and civil community’.”

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And on it’s only a cartoon front: the Danish public broadcaster, the one supposedly owned by the government and the taxpayers of that country, recently produced a kids’ show about a man with a long penis. READ: Danish cartoon about man with superlong penis enrages parents

Though governments have become politically obsessed with lockdowns, they could at least pretend they care about the children:

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