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Whoops this wasn’t supposed to happen, massive Greenland glacier is now regrowing

Greenland in 2012 Credit: aquartier78/Flickr/Creative Commons

Greenland in 2012 Credit: aquartier78/Flickr/Creative Commons

There was stunning news about a glacier on Greenland. It has been happening for the past couple years, but kept quiet until the news was released in an article in Nature Geoscience. NASA is reporting that the massive Jakobshavn Glacier is growing.

Some consider it the king of glaciers because it was once one of the fastest shrinking glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere and scientists are admittedly shocked by the recent development.

Because of this melting, the glacier became the poster child of man-made global warming enthusiasts who warned that unless we stopped CO2 emissions the rising oceans would wash away New York City and other coastal  cities.

Now it is true that since 2012, the massive glacier shrunk about 1.8 miles per year and those in the man-made global warming camp immediately attributed it to the rising CO2 emissions.

But that melting suddenly stopped in 2016 when the glacier started re-growing at the same rate it was shrinking. Yes, it is now growing at a rate of 1.8 miles a year.

But here is an interesting little tidbit, CO2 emissions are still rising. So what does that tell us? There must be other forces at work affecting the melt besides CO2.

In fact, scientists are attributing changing ocean currents to the refreeze stating that waters near the glacier are 3.6 degrees colder. But they are saying this is “likely” the cause reflecting some doubt.

I hate to ask the obvious, but if this is the case, is it possible a change in ocean currents started the melt as well?

But as a result, scientists have been forced to admit that global warming is not happening as fast as they thought it would and secondly there are other natural forces at work. Nevertheless, alarmists have put all the blame for the melt on CO2.

But never fear, some scientists are predicting this refreeze is only temporary. That one day the glacier will start melting again. But something unusual is happening as some are less dogmatic than they have been in the past.

Josh Willis, a NASA climate scientists, said:

“In the long run we’ll probably have to raise our predictions of sea level rise again.”

Maybe it’s just me, but “probably” doesn’t reflect a high level of confidence.

So why this growing doubt?

Well there are a few reasons.

First, many of the glaciers in Asia are also not going along with the man-made Global warming narrative. Not only have they stopped shrinking but some, like Jakobshavn, have even started growing.

In the Southern Hemisphere the Antarctic ice bed was growing during much of the global warming alarmism. According to NASA the Antarctic ice bed dramatically increased in size between 1992 and 2008. NASA stated that though parts of the antarctic ice bed shrank during this period other sections grew resulting in an overall increase.

This report released in 2015 didn’t get the press it deserves because it obviously didn’t fit the current political narrative.

It is true more recently Al Gore claims the Antarctic ice bed is now shrinking. Of course the global-warming alarmists have focused on the shrinking side of the Antarctic, where we have seen images of large beds of ice ready to break off.

So why would one side of the Antarctic be increasing while another section is melting? Could it have anything to do with active volcanoes discovered beneath the Antarctic?

And this growing doubt about man-made global warming may be due to another little thing that is catching NASA’s attention. The earth’s upper atmosphere (50 miles up) is cooling and has been since 2009 and according to NASA that is due to the drop in sun spot activity.

We are entering what is called “solar minimum” where there is significant reduction in sunspot activity which is causing the cooling of the upper atmosphere. Is it possible that the sun may be actually impacting the earth’s warming and cooling cycles?

As I have stated in the past, global warming has become so politicized it is almost impossible to decipher the truth.


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