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Greenland in 2012 Credit: aquartier78/Flickr/Creative Commons

Whoops this wasn’t supposed to happen, massive Greenland glacier is now regrowing

There was stunning news about a glacier on Greenland. It has been happening for the past couple years, but kept quiet until the news was released in an article in Nature Geoscience. NASA is reporting that the massive Jakobshavn Glacier is growing. Some consider it the king of glaciers because it was once one of the fastest shrinking glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere and scientists are admittedly shocked by the recent development. Because of this melting, the glacier became the poster child of man-made global warming enthusiasts who warned that unless we stopped CO2 emissions the rising oceans would wash away New York City and other coastal  cities. Now it is true that since 2012, the massive glacier shrunk about 1.8 miles per year and those in the man-made global warming camp immediately attributed it to the rising CO2 emissions. But that melting suddenly stopped in 2016 when the glacier started re-growing at the same rate it was shrinking. Yes, it is now growing at a rate of 1.8 miles a year. But here is …

Snowstorm in Chester, England Dec 8, 2017 Credit: Terry Kearney/Flickr/Creative Commons

Blame the sun, not SUVs

It was -29C when I woke up this morning and that is good news, because it was colder last week. It’s a sign things are warming up. I had to stick a battery charger on my SUV the day before Christmas when it decided not to start. Thankfully we were able to get it going without calling a tow truck. Ironically, many activists love blaming SUVs and oil consumption generally on the global warming hitting the earth. Yet despite claims by man-made global warming alarmists that the science is settled, in 2017 there were 120 research papers written that concluded global warming has very little to do with man’s activity (oil and CO2 emissions) but more to do with the sun. No one is arguing that the earth has recently gone through a warming trend, what is being questioned is the cause. According to Kenneth Richards at NoTrickZone, the 120 papers published in several scientific journals reported there is a correlation between the earth’s heating and cooling trends to two things — sunspot activity and …

Is the world entering a mini-ice age?

[by Dean Smith] In a bit of surprising move, England’s MET Office admits there is a possibility the world could be entering a mini-ice age — at this point they only believe there is 15% to 20% chance this will happen. The MET Office is Britain’s government-run national weather service. The report written by the MET and researchers from the University of Colorado and several universities in England say this prediction is based on a noticeable reduction in sun spots which indicates reduced solar activity. A prolonged reduction, called a “Maunder Minimum,” can result in significant cooling on the earth. It was named after astronomer Walter Maunder who was the first person to peg the cooling that peaked between 1645 to 1715 with reduced sun spot activity.

Antarctic ice cap now at record size

[by Dean Smith] NASA has tracked the ice coverage in the Antarctic since 1979. NASA started tracking the ice bed because it wanted to record the reduced size of the ice cap due to global warming. But despite the continued rhetoric of man-made global warming, there has been a stunning transformation taking place — the Antarctic’s ice bed is growing in size. After years of reduction, the ice cap grew back so quickly, it is now larger than it was in 1979 when NASA started keeping records. It now covers 20 million kilometers (7.8 million square miles) of the Antarctic sea. The record was set on September 19, 2014, during the Antarctic spring.

June 2014 was the coldest June recorded in Antarctic and its ice cap now at record size

A press release by the Meteo France says this past June was the coldest June on record since the its Antarctic Dumont d’Urville Station station was set up in 1952. According to Meteo France, the average temperature in June was -22.4c (-8.3F). This was 6.6c  (11.9F) degrees lower than any previous June. It is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Not only that, but June 2014 was also the second coldest month recorded behind only September 1953 which averaged -23.5c (-10.3F).

Sailors abandoning ships trapped by dramatic increase in Arctic ice

“What a strange world we live in … said Alice to the Queen of hearts” — Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland After a period of global warming, top scientists are now wondering if the earth is entering a cooling phase. This claim comes on the heels of NASA satellite images revealing a 60% increase in ice coverage in the Canadian arctic in a matter of a few months. The photos show nearly 1 million square miles of ice have been added to the Arctic since August of last year. In an article published in The Telegraph, University of Wisconsin Professor Anastasios Tsonis said: ‘We are already in a cooling trend, which I think will continue for the next 15 years at least. There is no doubt the warming