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Is the world entering a mini-ice age?

[by Dean Smith] In a bit of surprising move, England’s MET Office admits there is a possibility the world could be entering a mini-ice age — at this point they only believe there is 15% to 20% chance this will happen. The MET Office is Britain’s government-run national weather service.

The report written by the MET and researchers from the University of Colorado and several universities in England say this prediction is based on a noticeable reduction in sun spots which indicates reduced solar activity. A prolonged reduction, called a “Maunder Minimum,” can result in significant cooling on the earth.

It was named after astronomer Walter Maunder who was the first person to peg the cooling that peaked between 1645 to 1715 with reduced sun spot activity.

During this period of cooling, sometimes called the “Little Ice Age,” the ice on England’s Thames River completely froze over. People even held “Frost Fairs” on the frozen river and many paintings were drawn of the event.  In North America, the New York harbor froze over in 1780 allowing people to walk across the ice from Manhattan to Staten Island.

The cooling also had a negative effect on agriculture resulting in several famines: France 1693-94, Sweden, Estonia and Finland 1696-97, and Norway 1695-96. Though localized, these famines resulted in a significant loss of life. An estimated 20% of the people in Estonia died and 30% in Finland as a result. In North America, Indian bands joined together to combat the negative impact of the cooling.

The report, entitled Regional Climate Impacts of a Possible Future Grand Solar Minimum, suggested there is a chance the earth could be entering a similar phase. Back in January 2014, scientists were already warning of this possibility.

The MET Office has long been a promoter of man-made global warming. And even in this report, they were quick to point out the lowering temperatures would not offset the global warming supposedly caused by CO2 emissions.

However, they fail to discuss the most obvious question. If reduced sun activity can result in global cooling is it remotely possible that increased sun spots could result in global warming? The MET report even noted that over the past few decades the earth had been experiencing high solar activity — apparently it was just a coincidence this was also a time of global warming.

In his vision of the end times, the Apostle John similarly spoke of a period of Global Warming that he coincidentally also blamed on the  sun Revelation 16: 8,9. It was part of a package of six curses caused by angelic activity. John saw this period of global warming as a sign we were in the count down to the end of the age.

There is even evidence this cooling is already starting to show its face. Satellite images reveal the arctic ice that had been melting is now returning with a vengeance and the Northern ice coverage is now back to the levels reported in 1995.

Comparing the size of the Polar ice cap on May 25, 1995 with May 25, 2015. Image: University of Illinois Cryosphere Project

Comparing the size of the Polar ice cap on May 25, 1995 with May 25, 2015. Image: University of Illinois Cryosphere Project

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