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Doctor admits Jesus healed Misty Burdette

Though there were three crosses on Calvary, Christ only died on one of them. Credit: s3rrot/Flickr/Creative Commons

Though there were three crosses on Calvary, Christ only died on one of them. Credit: s3rrot/Flickr/Creative Commons

In 2007, at 32 years of age, Misty Burdette was diagnosed with breast cancer. But it was unusual, because according to the doctor it was a type of cancer that typically only older women get.

But after receiving chemo treatment and two mastectomies, the cancer went into remission.

But in 2015, a CT scan of her lungs, due to a persistent cough, revealed the cancer was back. After further testing, Misty was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to her pelvis, bones as well as lungs.

Misty was a believer, but the news shook her to core and her cancer became so painful she prayed that God would either heal her or take her life.

In an interview with Charisma News, Misty said God spoke to her saying that I needed to “get stronger in my faith.”

In 2018, Misty came in contact with Brad Smith, pastor of Woodward First Assembly, an Assembly of God Church in Woodward, Oklahoma. After finding out that God had miraculously healed Brad of a mass on his kidney, Misty asked for prayer.

She was attending a thanksgiving service at Brad’s church, when the Holy Spirit moved upon Misty and she began thanking God for all the good things the Lord had done for her.

During this spontaneous moment of praise, Misty told Charisma News:

“Something inside me quickened me. I just looked up — I had my hands raised — and I just looked up toward heaven and I just said ‘Thank You for my healing today.”

Seconds later Misty said the Holy Spirit fell upon her and she was spontaneously speaking in Tongues. She felt that something had happened.

But what took place that Sunday morning did not show up until she went for a scheduled PET scan a few days later and the doctors were shocked to find that every bit of her cancer was gone. The doctor even called in another physician to double-check the scan results.

When they asked her what she had been doing besides the treatment, Misty told her doctor that she had believed God for healing, a female doctor replied:

“Yes you were right. I totally believe this is from a higher power … I believe Jesus healed you.”

God is still healing today.

But the one thing that really stuck out in Misty’s testimony is how God told her that she needed to get stronger in her faith. Many of us are stuck in the trap that we need to have more faith for healing.

But this is not the same as getting stronger in our faith.

In my opinion needing more faith is a form of unbelief. If you don’t believe you have enough faith for healing, then you don’t have enough faith. But in fact, if you are born again I believe you have faith for healing.

Many Christians believe Jesus died on two crosses, now they don’t outright say that, they just act like He did.

The fact is Christ died on only ONE cross.

The Bible tells us that because of Christ’s shed blood on that cross, if we believe in Jesus we are saved. But by this same cross we are also told we can receive healing:

But He was pierced through for our transgressions,
He was crushed for our iniquities;
The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him,
And by His scourging we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5 NASV)

This one verse in Isaiah tells the Lord’s death not only dealt with our sin and iniquity, but we are also healed “by His scourging.”

We don’t have a second cross for healing that requires more faith, the same cross dealt with both healing and salvation. In other words the same faith that saved you will also heal you. Our problem with healing is not that we don’t need more faith, we need to deal with the unbelief in our life.

If you are saved, you have all the faith you need for healing. You need to be strong in the faith that saved you.


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