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ER doctor admits ‘This was a miracle’

CBN recently had the story of incredible healing and what made the testimony even more intriguing is that it was given by Dr. Landon D. Vinson, M.D, who was a first-hand witness of what took place in a video along with Rev. Randy DePriest, the pastor of First Assembly of God in Coffeyville, Kansas. Vinson serves in the emergency room at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. In spring 2021, a woman who was not named was brought into the hospital’s ER. Her heart had stopped and for the next hour the ER’s medical team performed CPR, but nothing changed. The woman’s eyes were fixated. There was mottling taking place on her limbs and she had no gag reflex. The final step in this downward progression was the inevitable rigor mortise. From their perspective, the woman was brain-dead, and they were keeping her body alive through the constant injection of adrenaline and the use of a ventilator. At this point, it was time to turn off the life support. As they were about to pull the plug, …

God helped Haitian missionaries flee their captors in a daring night escape

I had reported earlier on the release of the final 12 missionaries and their families who the 400 Mawozo gang had kidnapped in Haiti on Oct 16, 2021. The gang had released five earlier due to health issues. I had previously written that the gang had released the 12, but Christian Aid Ministries is now reporting that the group that included a baby and children had in fact escaped their captors.

Some call it a miracle: She survived COVID, a stroke, heart attack and being declared brain-dead

In May, Tionna Hairston, 26, was at home caring for her mother, Stacy Peatross, who had been diagnosed with COVID. At the end of May, Tionna also started showing symptoms of the Coronavirus that included losing her sense of smell and taste. By early June, she was starting to feel nauseous and weak. However, it was these symptoms, that are common with COVID, that initially resulted in the family attributing her severe headache and loss of movement in her arm and leg as COVID symptoms rather than the actual cause, a major stroke. Stacy only realized her daughter was having a stroke when “her eyes were going opposite of each other.” She was immediately taken to Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where scans reported bleeding on her brain. But things continued to pile up on Tionna, while in intensive care she also had a heart attack. For the next half hour, doctors fought to get Tionna’s heart working properly. Though they were able to do this, the medical staff was very concerned about her …

The secret to effective prayer may surprise you

An article on CBN, tells of the miraculous healing of Pastor Jim Dumont. Jim and his wife Pam were visiting family in Maine, when Jim decided to go for a walk. He had been gone for a while and Pam suddenly became very concerned about her husband and went out looking for him and found Jim lying on the ground surrounded by a police car and a couple of ambulances. Pam said that her husband’s face was purple and his eyes looked like they were made of glass. Jim’s heart had stopped. After EMT worked on Jim, they were able to get his heart beating, but they estimated that there had been no heart beat for at least 12 minutes and as much as 15 minutes. Every minute is important because of the longer you are without blood, the potential for brain damage dramatically increases. After he arrived in hospital, Jim was put into a coma to prevent further brain damage. The plan was to wake him after 36 hours, but he didn’t come out …

Study confirms miraculous healing from blindness

A study by The Global Medical Research Institute (GMRI) confirmed that a Baptist woman was miraculously healed of blindness after her husband prayed for her in 1972. The woman was diagnosed with Juvenile Macular Degeneration (JMD) and had been legally blind for 13 years. JMD is an inherited and incurable condition that results in the central part of what a person is looking at becoming dark or blurred, while the edges often remain clear. The woman first contracted the condition in 1959 when she was 18 years old. Her condition rapidly deteriorated over the following months, and she was eventually forced to turn to braille for reading and the use of a cane for walking. She would also eventually marry and have a child. The study of the miracle was undertaken on behalf of GMRI by two professors, Joshua Brown of Indiana University, Kenn Freedman of Texas Tech University, and as well a retired radiologist David Zaritzky and GMRI associate researcher Clarrisa Romez. According to the researchers, the woman was healed of this incurable condition …

Help my unbelief: An honest confession leads to a miracle

A story on Charisma News about the miraculous healing of a woman who had been sick for nearly 30 years after being struck by lightening is a testament of how God wants us to be honest about our spiritual condition. As a result of a lightening strike, Caleb Hyer’s mother was in a constant battle with pain. This included severe migraines that often left her bed-ridden for weeks. To deal with the chronic pain, doctors prescribed several powerful and addictive drugs including Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Dilaudid and Percocet. Of course these heavy medications brought with them some serious side effects. Caleb Hyers was also a Southern Baptist boy and like most Southern Baptists, he believed in God, but he didn’t believe in the spiritual gifts, and he didn’t believe in divine healing. But those beliefs were challenged when he joined a mission trip to Honduras. While there, he encountered a group of Christians who believed in Divine healing and regularly prayed for the sick. One of their favorite verses spoke about believers being able to heal …

Doctor admits Jesus healed Misty Burdette

In 2007, at 32 years of age, Misty Burdette was diagnosed with breast cancer. But it was unusual, because according to the doctor it was a type of cancer that typically only older women get. But after receiving chemo treatment and two mastectomies, the cancer went into remission. But in 2015, a CT scan of her lungs, due to a persistent cough, revealed the cancer was back. After further testing, Misty was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to her pelvis, bones as well as lungs. Misty was a believer, but the news shook her to core and her cancer became so painful she prayed that God would either heal her or take her life. In an interview with Charisma News, Misty said God spoke to her saying that I needed to “get stronger in my faith.” In 2018, Misty came in contact with Brad Smith, pastor of Woodward First Assembly, an Assembly of God Church in Woodward, Oklahoma. After finding out that God had miraculously healed Brad of a mass on …

Lodi, California Credit: Wayne Hsieh/Flickr/Creative Commons

California doctors can’t explain what happened to Paul Wood’s brain tumor that suddenly disappeared

Lodi is a small rural town of 6,000 people located 40 miles south of Sacramento. Oddly up to now, the town’s biggest claim to fame is a song written about it by an old mega rock band, Credence Clearwater Revival. But that may soon change. It is now home to an unexplainable miracle. But it is only unexplainable, if you remove faith from the equation. Paul Wood lives in Lodi with his family where he attends Gravity Church. Several months ago, he started experiencing intense head aches and found it difficult to walk without holding on to the walls. His doctor suspected bleeding on the brain and referred Paul to a San Francisco neurosurgeon. However, testing there revealed a tumor on his brain that was probably malignant and preparations were made for surgery. At this point, Paul turned to faith, prayer and his church for support. In an interview with KOVR TV, Gravity Church pastor Jason McEachron said: “He just kept saying, ‘no matter what happens to me, I’m going to be okay. I trust …

Credit: Kifty/Flickr/Creative Commons

Clinging to hope through trials and suffering

Many believe Job is the oldest book of the Bible and he lived in the period before Noah’s flood. The book reveals how we are to deal with suffering, and it is not a message that many of us want to hear. Job was a wealthy and righteous man who lost his children, wealth and even his health. When we encounter trials and suffering believers find themselves standing on a thin balancing beam with a choice to fall one way or another. Job’s wife who for the most part was equally affected by what happened became embittered by the tragedy that engulfed them, telling her husband to “curse God and die” (Job 2:9). However, Job chose a different path continuing to hope and believe God through all that was happening to him: “Though He slay me, I will hope in Him. Nevertheless I will argue my ways before Him.” (Job 13:15 NASV) Hope was Job’s life line. But if I am honest with myself, I tend to follows his wife’s example, more than I do …

Newcastle, Northern Ireland, home to another verified miracle. Photo: Newcastle harbour. Credit: Phil Rogers Flickr/Creative Commons

Cancer healing challenges doctors in Northern Ireland

Español: La curación del cáncer desafía a los médicos en Irlanda del Norte In 2004, doctors diagnosed Sharyn Mackay of Newcastle, Co Down in Northern Ireland with a cancerous tumour on her kidney. Sharyn and her husband William, who at the time was a Methodist pastor, have four children. After taking a biopsy of the cancer, Sharyn’s surgeon from Craigavon Area Hospital sent a sample to specialists at Harvard University because her form of cancer was very rare. She told the Belfast Telegraph: “They said it was spindle cell sarcoma which is normally bone cancer. I was one of only 10 known cases where it had become a kidney tumour.” In an interview with Stuart Chalmers posted on YouTube, Sharyn said after hearing about her cancer many people in the four churches her husband pastored started praying for her. But at that point, Sharyn said her confidence was in the doctors who were treating her. However, that quickly changed when further tests showed the cancer had spread to her lungs. Her doctor said the cancer was …

Surgery cancelled after tumours miraculously healed

Ken Gorman of Sheffield, England was scheduled for surgery in early July. According to an article on Assist News, Ken noticed a lump on his face in May 2013 that was starting to cause him pain. At first, doctors prescribed pain medication, but as the lump continued to grow and the pain with it, doctors eventually sent Ken for an MRI at Rotherham General Hospital in South Yorkshire, England. That test revealed that part of a main nerve in Ken’s face was now encircled by three tumours. The doctors immediately scheduled surgery in July this year. However, things took a dramatic turn after Ken and his wife Annie heard about a healing rally being held by evangelist Nathan Morris at Hull City Hall in Hull, England. With Ken’s surgery still weeks away and his pain getting worse, they decided to attend the service. But there was a problem. Because of limited capacity, the meeting required pre-booking to attend and no tickets were available. Annie decided to drive her husband to the meeting even though they didn’t …

The Sea of Galilee where Peter "briefly" walked on water. Credit: Asf Antman/Flickr/Creative Commons

The incredible, delayed healing, of Delia Knox

It was Christmas Day, 1987, when a drunk driver slammed into the back of a car that Delia was a passenger in. She along with her sister and brother-in-law were driving home from a church service in Toronto, Canada. Their car ended upside down and though her sister and husband only had minor injuries, Delia, then 23, was paralyzed from the waist down. Delia was also a gospel singer and though she continued to sing from a wheel chair, she dreaded ministering in other churches, because invariably they wanted to pray for her healing. At first, she appreciated their efforts but after a while she began despising these services that invariably focused on her healing. She recounts people dragging her out of a wheel chair and then watching her collapse to the floor. In an interview with CBN, Delia said “I’ve been plopped, dropped and flopped, and flipped to the point where I was like, ‘I just can’t go through this anymore.’” Then she met Bishop Knox, a speaker at a conference, she attended. They …

Stunning video of baby revived in Jesus’ name

Dramatic video has surfaced of men pulling a man and his two children out of a black truck that had flipped upside down in raging waters near Myrtle Texas on Saturday, April 30, 2017. People came across the vehicle caught up in a storm that hit that part of Texas over the weekend. Several men waded into the rushing water and struggled to open the vehicle doors against the raging current. Finally, they were able to drag a baby and toddler out of the truck. In the video, a man carries a lifeless baby to the shore. In an interview with WFAA-TV in Dallas, Tom Mitchell, who videoed the rescue said, “The infant is white, blueish grey, no color at all and the eyes were not focused when I looked down on her.” Mitchel knew immediately that if they didn’t do something, this baby was going to die. On video you hear him say, “This baby is going to die if we don’t start CPR fast” and then the video goes dark as he sticks …

Credit: Michael Mazzamuto/Flickr/Creative Commons

But the Lord directs our steps

Twenty years ago, my husband Dean and I were pastoring a satellite church plant in Hong Kong on an island called Discovery Bay. We had gathered a diverse group of people in one of our house churches — a good mix of new and established believers. People were coming to the Lord and being filled with the Holy Spirit. But within this group, there were also some very established missionaries. They had ministered in Hong Kong for several years, and were without a house church so they joined our small group. They were faithful servants of the Lord, but did not believe in the moving of the Holy Spirit. They saw the Holy Spirit as only “the Comforter,” and they often disagreed with the way Dean and I ministered. There is a verse in Ecclesiastes that warns evil times can suddenly fall upon us: 12 Moreover, man does not know his time: like fish caught in a treacherous net and birds trapped in a snare, so the sons of men are ensnared at an evil …

Boy raised from the dead in California

With 67.5 million members and 384,000 ministers, the Assemblies of God is the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination and fourth largest religious organization. It appears one of those pastors, Eric Angeles, who lives in Bellflower, California and pastors New Hope International Christian Church in nearby Norwalk, raised a boy from the dead. Eric was at home one December morning preparing for a board meeting at the church later that evening when a pick up truck hit a boy on the street outside his house. After hearing the noise, Eric and his wife Ruth rushed outside to see a young boy lying lifeless on his back with his mouth and eyes open. The collision had thrown him 50 feet. The Montanez family who lived on the same street had also heard the commotion. Looking out they saw their son lying on the road and the distraught parents were gathered around their son when Eric and his wife got the scene. While others were checking his pulse to see if he was still alive, the Holy Spirit impressed …

Jennifer Garner at the opening of The Invention of Lying at the Toronto Film Festival in 2009. Photo: Reza Vaziri/Flickr/Creative Commons

Was actress Jennifer Garner impacted by a miracle?

Actress Jennifer Garner, 43, recently announced that she and her three children are starting to attend church as a direct result of Garner’s starring role in the Christian movie Miracles from Heaven. Garner said they have rarely missed a Sunday since. Jennifer who  separated from her husband Ben Affleck comes from a Christian background and growing up lived for a few years in Calgary, Alberta. Garner made her big break playing a CIA officer in the ABC spy-thriller Alias where she won a Golden Globe and received three Emmy nominations for her performance. She has also shown up on the big screen acting in movies such a Daredevil, Juno, Dallas Buyers Club and recently Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. Miracles made from Heaven, produced by Affirm Film that lists popular pastor T.D. Jakes as one of its producers, is scheduled for release March 16, 2016. In the movie, Jennifer plays Christy Beam, the real-life mother of a young girl named Annabelle who was miraculously spared serious injury after falling down …

Alise in the hospital. Photo on right: Alise with her parents Jamie and Chris Nipper. Photos: Facebook

Doctor says Alise is alive and well because of prayer and divine intervention

The Nipper family are from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. On July 29, they were at a friend’s place for a pool party when their three-year-old daughter Alise drowned. Alise and her mother Jamie had been swimming in the pool when the weather took a sudden turn for the worse and people headed inside. It was only when they were in the home that Jamie realized her daughter wasn’t there. She thought Alise was inside somewhere taking off her life jacket. Panicked, Jamie ran outside to search for her daughter and after a couple searches of the pool found Alise underwater. She saw her foot sticking out from beneath a raft. It appears when everyone started going inside because of the lightning, Alise had taken her life jacket off outside and somehow fell back in the water. Jamie jumped in and pulled out her daughter hoping she had just fallen in. But a few minutes had already passed and Alice’s face was blue. She was not breathing and there was no pulse. A friend at the pool …

heal the sick in Jesus' Name Photo: Phalinn/Foter/CC BY

Incurable cancer miraculously healed

In April 2014, Doctors diagnosed Leon Freitag with pleural mesothelioma, a rare and incurable form of cancer. Caused by exposure to high amounts of asbestos, it produces cancerous tumors in the pleura, which is a thin membrane of cells lining the lungs and chest cavity. Leon, who serves as superintendent of the North Dakota District Council with the Assemblies of God, was given at most 18 months to live. In face of this devastating news, Leon decided to live his faith in the midst of this trial and believe God for a miracle. He announced his prognosis in a gathering of Assembly of God ministers. He told those in attendance that he was saddened by the lack of miracles in their churches today, but hoped his trial could “stir up faith” for miracles. But Leon also knew that God doesn’t always heal. He added: “I don’t know what the outcome will be. Hebrews 11 is clear – some He delivered, some He didn’t.” Meanwhile, one of Leon’s sons had arranged for his dad to meet …

Was a girl healed from a critical injury after a friend laid hands on her and prayed?

[by Dean Smith] In 2011, at the age of 14, Taylor Hale of Waukee, Iowa was with friends when she fell off the hood of a car hitting her head on the pavement. Unconscious, she was rushed to hospital by ambulance. According to an article in USA Today, the doctors medically induced a coma to help heal her brain trauma. Over the next six days medical staff worked on Taylor, but the news wasn’t good. Her head was sinking into her spinal canal, and according to doctors this was irreversible. But the sixth day, September 17, 2011, proved eventful. Early in the morning, Taylor suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. With no brain activity, the doctors recommended to Taylor’s parents, Stacy and Chuck Taylor, that their daughter be taken off life support. The family agreed and began planning for her funeral.

After the hospital declared his son brain dead, the dad visited the hospital with a gun, and then a miracle happened

George Pickering, 59, was desperate. His adult son George Jr, 27, was lying in a coma at the Tomball Medical Regional Center in Tomball, Texas. He had suffered a series of strokes and the doctors told George his son was brain-dead and they were planning to take him off life support. Pickering, who is remarried, did not have medical power of attorney in the situation. And oh yeah, the hospital was interested in harvesting his son’s organs. But desperate people do desperate things. On January 10, 2015, with gun in hand George walked into the intensive care ward where his son was under care and ordered the medical staff out of the room. In an interview with The Blaze, Pickering said he had a very simple plan, he and his son were going to die together. The police were immediately phoned and a SWAT team dispatched to the center. Before they even arrived, Pickering’s other son had taken the gun away from his dad. And over the next four hours, Pickering and the police were …

Girl falls 30 feet inside a hollowed-out tree, has a vision of Jesus, but then an odd thing happens

[by Dean Smith] According to a report in the Daily Mail, Annabel Wilson Beam, 12, of Texas was playing with her two sisters on a hollowed out Cottonwood tree in December 2011, when she fell 30′ down inside the tree. Trapped at the bottom, emergency crews were called in to pull her out. Falling in and out of consciousness, Annabel then 9 was rushed by helicopter to nearby Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth Texas. After her arrival, MRI scans showed wounds consistent with head trauma (she had apparently hit her head three times on the way down), but other than a few bumps and bruises they could find nothing wrong with her. Annabel was eventually released. One doctor quipped: “I guess someone up there was looking out for her.” That in itself was a miracle. However, after Annabel was sent home, things started getting a bit bizarre. Annabel told her parents, Kevin and Christy Beam, that while unconscious she went to heaven and sat on Jesus’ lap. Annabel described Jesus as having dark skin, …

St Louis’ Doctor says: ‘Heart was jump started by Holy Spirit listening to request of his praying mother’

[by Dean Smith] Attending emergency physician, Dr Jeremy Garrett, called it a ‘bonafide miracle.’ On Martin Luther Day (January 19, 2015), John Smith, 14, along with two friends were out on the frozen waters of Missouri’s Lake Saint Louise when the three fell through the ice. According to KDSK TV, by the time rescuers from the St. Louis Fire Department arrived, one of the two friends had dragged himself out and the other was hanging on to the ice. John, however, could not be seen. After being under water for about 15 minutes, rescuers found John and dragged him out. With no pulse, paramedics performed CPR as they rushed the boy to the hospital but believed there was little hope of recovery.

Prayer results in two miracles at Florida’s Boca Raton hospital

[by Dean Smith] When Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro, 40, entered Boca Baton Regional hospital in Boca Raton, Florida, for a typical C-section she was not expecting a few hours later that her name would be broadcast across the country because of a miracle. According to a report in the Sun Sentinel, after her baby’s safe delivery, Ruby stopped breathing and then a short time later her heart stopped beating. A medical team, numbering over 12, frantically worked to revive her. Team members alternated doing CPR as they tired, others applied shock treatments to restart Ruby’s heart. But after 45 minutes doctors realized there was nothing more they could do. Ruby had died.

Healings are not about how spiritual I am, but rather on how willing I am to be used by God

[by Ken Zerbin] Sometimes our journey of faith meets some real challenges when we try to measure our faith.  I would like to encourage fellow believers to keep trusting the Lord and His Word, no matter how strong or weak we might feel our faith is.  Remember…it is Who we are putting our trust in that is important…it’s not about the “quality” of our trust. Several summers ago I was at one of my lowest spiritual points of my life.  We had gathered a number of our paid and volunteer staff from the church for a training event.  The instructor did a great job, but as the day’s training progressed, I couldn’t help but notice two things about him.  He made several comments about being in a church doing this kind of training.  His comments seemed to be a cry for spiritual attention.

A miracle: The surgeon found nothing to remove and admits “prayer is good”

I want to share the healing of Adrie-Anne Gamble Saskatchewan, Canada. It is well-documented with ultrasounds. Adrie-Anne had been experiencing lower pelvic pain for several months and finally realized she needed to go to the doctor. Three months later she was in the hospital for surgery, but when the surgeon opened her up, he discovered a miracle had taken place…

She believed and God healed her of breast cancer

Vasiliy Voytovich is President of Evangel Theological Seminary (ETS) in Kiev, Ukraine. At the 11th Annual World Christians Doctors conference held May 9-10, 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria Vasiliy shared his testimony of how God healed his wife, Lyubov, of breast cancer. In 1955, Vasiliy and his wife were living in the town of Stebnic, in the western Ukraine, when his wife then 32 noticed  a lump in her left breast after experiencing pain. She went to the doctor who diagnosed Lyubov with breast cancer and immediately started her on chemotherapy. The family was devastated. Shortly after the start of treatment, God prompted Vasiliy to pray for his wife’s complete healing. He gathered his three children together to pray. His wife was so distraught that she was unable to join them in prayer.

A hedge of protection? Rebecca St. James’ home miraculously protected from California wildfire

Gospel singer Rebecca St. James recently told how her home was miraculously protected from fires ravaging California in mid May. On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, St. James posted a message on her Facebook page stating her family was evacuating their home because of a California wildfire. She asked people to pray for them. She wrote:

Miraculous healing on the Faroe Islands

Dr. Jenis av Rana is a doctor on the Faroe Islands located nearly halfway between Iceland and Norway. With ties to Denmark, the island is home to about 48,000 people Dr. Rana was presenting at the World Christian Doctor’s Network annual meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria May 9-10, 2014. Each year, Christian doctors gather from around the world for fellowship and to share documented testimonies of healings. In his presentation, Dr. Rana spoke of the miraculous healing of a popular worship leader and song writer on the island — Eyðun Jacobsen.

A wife’s simple prayer brings her husband back to life

The man who died was actually a doctor himself. 39-year old Sean George worked as a specialist doctor at Kalgoorlie Hospital in Kalgoorlie, West Australia. On October 24, 2008, Sean was traveling from Esperance, Australia to Kalgoorlie after a training session, when he started experiencing chest pains. The persistent pain finally forced him to pull into a medical clinic in Kambaida about a half-an-hour out of Kalgoorlie. An ECG test showed Sean was having a heart attack.

The miraculous return of a kidnapped child: God’s hand was all over it

As I watched the story unfold in fall 2011, I sensed God’s hand. An expert in the field of child abduction said in his 25 years of experience, he had seen nothing like it. It was unusual as it was miraculous. But it wasn’t until a few days later that it came to light the parents – Paul and Tammy Hebert — were Christians and hours of prayer by them, friends and members of the Baptist church they attended had gone up for the safe return of the abducted child. The Heberts who have eight children also homeschooled. 

Brian Miller died, went to heaven and then was sent back

In an interview with Megyn Kelly of FoxNews, Brian Miller, 41, a truck driver from Beachwood, Ohio told his story of what happened after he died. Brian had ended up in the ICU of University Hospital’s Ahuja Medical Center after a heart attack. On his arrival, the medical staff were able to stabilize him and he seemed to improve. However, the next night Brian’s heart suddenly stopped. He suffered from Ventricular Fibrillation, which happens when the heart quits pumping and just quivers. Without treatment, it is almost 100% fatal. The staff tried to revive Brain, but after 45 minutes they were unable to restart his heart. 

Tel Aviv, Israel Credit: Elanna/Flickr/Creative Commons

Miraculous healing causes a stir in Tel Aviv, Israel

Found along the Mediterranean sea in Israel, this area has witnessed miracles in the past. Tel Aviv is located on the old port city of Joppa (also called Jaffa), where Peter raised Tabitha from the dead in Jesus’ Name (Acts 9:36-43). Two centuries later, Jesus healed again and this latest miracle caused a buzz in the city. Even Tel Aviv radio and TV stations broadcasted the incredible healing of Therese Daoud, a Messianic Jew. Doctors at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital did not have good news for Therese when she showed up complaining of pain in her ankle and leg. MRI scan revealed an orange-sized tumour in her leg. A biopsy indicated it was sarcoma cancer which according to specialists is one of the worst forms of cancer tumors because of its aggressiveness. Concerned, the Israeli doctors sent the tests to specialists in the U.S., who confirmed the diagnosis. To save her life, the doctors told Therese the only course of action was amputation. She had her first appointment for amputation scheduled a few days later, but when …

A 2009 Christmas eve miracle

On December 24, 2009, Tracy Hermanstorfer, 33, along with her husband Mike, 37, entered Colorado Springs Memorial hospital for the birth of their second child. They also had a son from Tracy’s previous marriage. While being prepped for child-birth, Tracy said she was sleepy and moments later as her shocked husband held her hand, Tracy died. She had a heart attack. The hospital medical team immediately tried to revive Tracy but nothing was working. Her heart stopped beating. She wasn’t breathing. There was no blood pressure, no signs of life. 

Believing God or testing God

Several years ago, the wife of a couple I knew found a lump in her breast. The couple suspected it was breast cancer, but they made the purposeful decision to avoid medical treatment. Instead, they chose to believe God for her healing. They believed and prayed for about a year. The woman’s condition became worse. When the couple finally decided to go for medical help, it was too late. A few months later she was dead.