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Prayer results in two miracles at Florida’s Boca Raton hospital

Ruby with her baby: Photo Sun Sentinel

Double miracle Ruby with her baby: Photo Sun Sentinel | Screen Capture Fox News

[by Dean Smith] When Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro, 40, entered Boca Baton Regional hospital in Boca Raton, Florida, for a typical C-section she was not expecting a few hours later that her name would be broadcast across the country because of a miracle.

According to a report in the Sun Sentinel, after her baby’s safe delivery, Ruby stopped breathing and then a short time later her heart stopped beating. A medical team, numbering over 12, frantically worked to revive her. Team members alternated doing CPR as they tired, others applied shock treatments to restart Ruby’s heart.

But after 45 minutes doctors realized there was nothing more they could do. Ruby had died.

The family, including Ruby’s husband, sister and mother, were called in to say their last good byes. Medical staff were in the process of recording the time of death.

Joined by nurse Julie Ewing, the family left the room. But they took a moment to pray and according to reports, nurse Ewing was actually on her knees praying, when a stunning thing happened — a blip appeared on the cardiac screen in the other room indicating Ruby’s heart had started beating on its own. A nurse rushed in to tell the group to keep praying.

A few hours later, Ruby awoke in intensive care totally unaware of what had happened. She thought she was simply in recovery from her C-section and then her family spoke about the incredible miracle that had taken place.

Not only was Ruby alive, but a second miracle had taken place as Ruby suffered no brain damage despite her heart not working for 45 minutes. Hospital officials refer to it as a “double miracle.”

Nurse Ewing said:

“It was a complete miracle of God. It was answered prayer. We all were there we all witnessed it.”

Dr Athony Danno, who serves as the director of the hospital’s medical staff added:

“There’s very few things in medicine that I’ve seen in the trauma enter myself and doing all the things that I do, that really were either unexplainable or miraculous. And when I heard this story, that was the first thing that came to my mind.”

Then there was the dream, or was it?

But the story doesn’t stop there. Though Ruby was unaware of what had happened to her, she did recall a very interesting event that occurred which she first thought was a dream, but now she is not sure. She said her deceased father appeared in spirit form and told Ruby it wasn’t her time.

In a recent post, I wrote about a study conducted by researchers at the University of Southampton in England. In 2008, they analyzed 2,060 cases of people who had experienced cardiac arrest. They discovered that 40% of the 330 people who survived were aware of things happening after they had died. Because of what these people heard and saw, the researchers concluded there was strong evidence they were still alive after they had died. Read: Scientists see glimpses of life after death.


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