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A COVID-19 miracle

In a video posted by New York’s The Mount Sinai Hospital, Pastor Benjamin Thomas of The Queens Church of God shares his testimony of his 100-day struggle with COVID-19 and how God intervened to save his life.

During his battle with the disease, Benjamin was in an induced coma for six weeks and on a ventilator for 54 days.

Benjamin was first admitted to Long Island Hospital in March diagnosed with COVID-19 but as his condition deteriorated he was transferred to Mount Sinai, where his condition continued to worsen.

Dr. Robin Varghese, who appears in the video, had taken over Benjamin’s care at Mount Sinai.

CBN describes what happened next.

Varghese recalled. “I was on call that night and he was in the worst shape, and many of our team members who were rooting for him were also losing hope, as was I.” […]

“At that point, I went into his room really late at night as I was on call,” the doctor said. “I really just told God there’s nothing else I can offer him. He’s got to take over because we had given him everything that modern medicine can throw at him.” 

Varghese said later that same night as he was studying Thomas’s case, a few other ideas came to his mind and his team started implementing those over the next week or so. 

From that night on Benjamin, who is now home but still on a ventilator, started to improve.

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James tells us that if we ask God for wisdom, He will graciously provide it.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. (James 1:5 NIV)

Because he asked, I believe God gave Dr. Varghese, who had done everything he could, the steps needed to bring healing to Benjamin.

But as I was reading this verse, I noticed how it says that God will give His wisdom to everyone who asks (believers and non-believers) “without finding fault.”

That tells us that God will not rag on us for the mistakes we made and even if we brought on the problem ourselves because of our own dumb decisions, God will still provide His wisdom on how to deal with the situation.

We only need to ask.

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