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After the hospital declared his son brain dead, the dad visited the hospital with a gun, and then a miracle happened

George Pickering, 59, was desperate. His adult son George Jr, 27, was lying in a coma at the Tomball Medical Regional Center in Tomball, Texas. He had suffered a series of strokes and the doctors told George his son was brain-dead and they were planning to take him off life support.

Pickering, who is remarried, did not have medical power of attorney in the situation. And oh yeah, the hospital was interested in harvesting his son’s organs.

But desperate people do desperate things.

On January 10, 2015, with gun in hand George walked into the intensive care ward where his son was under care and ordered the medical staff out of the room. In an interview with The Blaze, Pickering said he had a very simple plan, he and his son were going to die together.

The police were immediately phoned and a SWAT team dispatched to the center.

Before they even arrived, Pickering’s other son had taken the gun away from his dad. And over the next four hours, Pickering and the police were in a verbal standoff.

During that time, George was praying and talking to his comatose son. Pickering took his son’s hand and asked him to squeeze it if he was still alive.

Pickering felt a squeeze and would feel his son squeeze four more times before giving himself up to the police. The father knew his son was still alive and more than that, he also knew his son wasn’t a vegetable.

Later that same night, George Jr. came out of his coma in dramatic fashion.

The father was charged with two counts of aggravated assault. He spent 77 days in jail and is still facing charges over the incident. During his incarceration, a Christian ex-convict visited George every Tuesday to counsel and pray with the father

The ex-con was from Silver Springs Baptist Church in Magnolia, Texas and when George was released he made his way to the church and came in contact with its pastor Scott Zbylot.

In a conversation with the pastor in the church parking lot, George said he needed Jesus. He eventually became a Christian was water baptized Easter Sunday.

However, George went one step further and invited his son to attend the baptism. In doing so, the father broke a no contact order the court issued prohibiting George from seeing his son. Because of the earlier incident with a gun and threat of suicide, the court was concerned for the son’s safety.

Nevertheless his son attended and during the service he also accepted Christ and George ended up baptizing his own son that same Sunday morning. You can view the baptism in the video above.

Though George Jr. is out of the hospital and recovering he is still suffering some cognitive issues. At this point, he is unable to hold down a job.

Because he violated a court order, George was re-arrested and is in jail awaiting a bond hearing. Still considering the outcomes, George has no regrets on what he did.

In The Blaze interview, Pastor Zyblot said:

“Was he brain dead and God healed him? If so, that’s not malpractice, that’s a miracle!”

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