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ER doctor admits ‘This was a miracle’

CBN recently had the story of incredible healing and what made the testimony even more intriguing is that it was given by Dr. Landon D. Vinson, M.D, who was a first-hand witness of what took place in a video along with Rev. Randy DePriest, the pastor of First Assembly of God in Coffeyville, Kansas.

Vinson serves in the emergency room at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. In spring 2021, a woman who was not named was brought into the hospital’s ER.

Her heart had stopped and for the next hour the ER’s medical team performed CPR, but nothing changed.

The woman’s eyes were fixated. There was mottling taking place on her limbs and she had no gag reflex. The final step in this downward progression was the inevitable rigor mortise.

From their perspective, the woman was brain-dead, and they were keeping her body alive through the constant injection of adrenaline and the use of a ventilator.

At this point, it was time to turn off the life support.

As they were about to pull the plug, they put off the decision after the husband asked if he could bring in his pastor, Rev. Randy DePriest, to pray for his wife.

After arriving DePriest laid his hands on the woman and began praying. The first indicator that something was happening was actually the life support machine which began to send out a sharp alarm.

DePriest looked up expecting to see the nurses turning off the annoying sound and instead saw the woman’s hand move and watched her start to take breaths.

At this moment, DePriest began talking to the woman asking her a series of questions about her faith in Christ and the woman responded by nodding her head.

And when DePriest asked if he could pray for her health to be restored, the woman replied, “Yes.”

After the remarkable transformation, the woman was transferred to another hospital for continued care.

As an ER doctor, Dr. Vinson is too familiar with death. After witnessing what happened, he even did some research to find a rational explanation for what he saw, but found nothing.

As an explanation of what took place, Dr. Vinson said, “She was dead before the prayer, and alive after.”

Vinson finished the video with these words:

“This was a miracle.”

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