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Arctic ice cap is roaring back

Comparing the size of the Polar ice cap on May 25, 1995 with May 25, 2015. Image: University of Illinois Cryosphere Project

Comparing the size of the Polar ice cap on May 25, 1995 with May 25, 2015. Image: University of Illinois Cryosphere Project (Note snow cover data was not updating at the time of image capture.)

[by Dean Smith] Stunning new satellite images of the Canadian Arctic show a remarkable transformation taking place. The polar ice is coming back, with a vengeance.

The image above compares the size of the Arctic ice cap on May 25, 1995 with May 25, 2015. It is a service available through the University of Illinois’s Cryosphere project that has tracked the size of the polar ice cap by satellite since 1979. You can compare the ice cap on any two dates by simply clicking here.

The purple represents the ice cap. The darker the purple the thicker the ice and you can see the ice cap is not only growing, but it is getting thicker.

But as you look at these two dates, you can see that the ice has almost completely returned to 1995 levels.

It was just eight years ago, because of man-made global warming, that Al Gore predicted the Arctic ice cap could be completely gone by 2014. In his 2007 Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Gore told the audience:

“The [Polar] ice cap is falling off a cliff. It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years from now.”

And for several years, the Arctic ice cap was shrinking, and those in the man-made global warming camp were using this as evidence that CO2 was destroying the world.

Their fear mongering included rapidly rising oceans caused by the melting ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic that would sink islands and wash away coastal areas on all continents. New York City and Vancouver would be just distant memories if we didn’t take immediate action.

They demanded new carbon taxes and dramatic lifestyle changes to save the world. Politicians never able to turn down a request for a tax increase responded. The Daily Mail is reporting that green taxes in England have doubled over the past 20 years increasing from just over $20 billion pounds in 1995 to 44.6 billion pounds in 2014. This includes green taxes on flights, cars and gas, heating and electrical bills.

But in 2012, the ice cap shrinking abruptly stopped and the ice started coming back. In fact, it was so abrupt in 2013 the Canadian government was forced to rescue sailors trapped in the Arctic ice who for a few years had been able to sail through the Arctic’s Northwest Passage unhindered.  The sailors encountered so much ice, they were forced to abandon their boats.

The satellite image below shows the growth of the polar ice cap between October 8, 2012 and October 8, 2014. Already you can see the ice starting to return.

Arctic ice cap comparisons: October 8, 2012 compared with October 8, 2014: University of Illinois

Arctic ice cap comparisons: October 8, 2012 compared with October 8, 2014: University of Illinois

The ice cap is coming back in the Antarctic as well. I wrote posts on how the Antarctic ice cap is not only growing in size, but researchers using robotic submarines were stunned to find out the Antarctic ice was nearly double the thickness that their computer models had predicted.

This is disturbing news for those promoting man-made global warming because we are still pouring record amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Earlier this year, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that March 2015 set the monthly record for the highest level of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere since the organization started monitoring levels in 1974.

So if CO2 is causing global warming and we are setting CO2 record levels, why are both polar ice caps increasing in size?

I think the reason is obvious, if CO2 plays any role in global warming and that is questionable it is very minor. There are much more powerful forces at work that man can not control.


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  1. And still, abject LIARS like Obama and Al Grope harp on global warming……
    Oh excuse me ! Since that was proven to be a farce, they have changed the name to “Climate Change” but they are still blaming soccer Moms and job producing industry.
    We need to stop producing anything, driving our cars, using any kind of oil or coal for fuel, and just stay home and stop exhaling.
    There ! We solved it !


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