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COVID & kids: The real facts

While politicians, health officials and many in the main stream media tried to terrify parents about the dangers of COVID for children, and use it to justify the closure of schools, the facts tell a slightly different tale.

And a Winnipeg Sun editorial provides those facts:

As of last count, there has been 252,734 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canadians under the age of 19. That accounts for 19% of all cases.

Yet, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, there have only been 11 individuals in that age group to die with the virus. And, as public health officials have made clear, COVID-19 was not in fact the cause of death in some of those cases.

In other words, our kids are thankfully not at serious risk of COVID-19. As many pediatricians have noted, COVID-19 is less severe than influenza when it comes to our children.

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What’s next?

Will the government be locking down the country over the common cold?

And of course, by catching COVID, the kids will receive a natural immunity to the virus. Something that a professor from Johns Hopkins University felt he needed to point out because the pandemic has turned so political.

The Blaze explains:

Dr. Marty Makary, who also serves as a professor at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, suggested during a Tuesday appearance on “The Vince Coglianese Show” that 150 million Americans, or “half the country,” likely already have natural immunity to COVID-19 due to having been infected with the virus and then recovering.

Yet despite that staggering figure, Makary lamented the fact that the CDC, in concert with Biden administration officials, have neglected to recognize the reality of the situation. Instead, previously infected individuals who decline being vaccinated are routinely “demonized” by health officials who insist that virtually all Americans must be vaccinated before normal life can resume.

But “herd immunity” has already been reached, argued Makary, citing up-to-date vaccination and infection data to suggest that 80% to 85% of Americans are currently protected from the virus.

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