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11-year-old genius and college graduate wants to use science to prove existence of God

William Maillis, 11, being interviewed by HCHC Media Credit: HCHC Media/YouTube capture

William Maillis, 11, being interviewed by HCHC Media Credit: HCHC Media/YouTube capture

Though he is only 11 years old, William Maillis graduated from Florida’s St. Petersburg College on July 21, 2018 with an Associate in Arts degree.

Officially classified a genius at age five, William was using complete sentences at 7 months. He was adding and subtracting by two. By the age of three he knew the alphabet in multiple languages and had mastered Algebra by the age of four after his older brother briefly introduced the mathematical concept to him in the backseat of the car while the family was on a drive.

His father Peter Maillis serves as a priest at the Saints Raphael, Nicholas & Irene Hellenic Orthodox Church based in Palm Harbor, Florida. To keep him entertained, his parents put magnetic letters and numbers on the family fridge which as a child he organized into mathematical equations.

Though he graduated from high school when he was just nine, the biggest challenge the teachers had through high school was keeping him engaged and focused because he so quickly mastered the material.

So during high school, while his fellow students were picking up odd jobs over the summer, at age eight, William was taking college courses during his summer break and passing with A’s. His faith came to the forefront during his high school graduation speech when he quoted a Bible passage in Greek.

While attending St. Petersburg, his professors noted that he more than held his own and often took the lead in class discussions and even debates. And while he was getting his degree, William was also taking a few classes at the University of South Florida where he will be attending full-time in September.

In an interview with Bay News, William said his goal is to become an astrophysicist and hopes to have his doctorate by age 18.

But aside from his educational goals, William also has a bigger ambition:

“I want to prove to the world that God does exist through science. So that the world can know.”

William goes on to suggest that the world and universe can’t be random events and added that certain elements of science and atheism rely on faith.

He told the Tampa Bay Times:

“Science and religion are no different. Science is a tool for explaining the world. Science doesn’t’ disprove God.”

Finances have been a bit of a struggle for the family because due to his age he can’t qualify for federal student financial aid.  William acknowledged that his unusual intelligence is a gift from God stating:

“I’m gifted in what I’m gifted in and other people are gifted in other things.”


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