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‘Without an excuse’: How God’s creation created doubts in atheists, causing them to become Christians

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While we watch atheists becoming emboldened in recent years in their attacks on Christianity, it can cause us to question our faith.

But a verse in Romans has always puzzled me:

20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world,[a] in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. (Romans 1:20 ESV)

People can have all the excuses they want on judgement day on why they didn’t believe in God, but in the end, the Apostle Paul states that everyone will be without excuse because of God’s creation.

But I think this verse is suggesting more than just that, because it also means that the Holy Spirit uses creation to create secret doubts in the minds of those who claim to be atheists.

And along this line, God Reports had testimonies on how two atheists became Christians because of their study of science.

Mariah Jones confronted by God in second-year science classes

The first story involves Mariah Jones, a committed “100%” atheist who described a belief in God as silly because of science. She said her disgust for Christians, in particular, was extreme, as she enjoyed mocking their beliefs.

After a brief stint in the navy, in 2016 Jones went to college, and she reveled in her first year of science classes as they confirmed all her suspicions about science and God.

But as she entered the second year and started taking higher level science classes, things started to unravel as she saw the complexity of life.

How was it possible for millions of cells to randomly come together by chance and create biological molecules, she wondered?

In a YouTube video, Mariah says, “Having to accept that everything just formed on its own by itself on accident, it didn’t make sense to me. It really started to bother me because deep down I didn’t want to believe something. I didn’t want to take that responsibility.”

And when we see the design in creation and life, we must instinctively conclude that it requires a designer.

“What came first, was it the blood or was it the heart that pumped the blood?” Mariah continued. “Was it the skin that held it all together or the organs inside the skin? How did nothing turn into something? How did nothing result in intelligent life? How did an explosion result in living breathing loving unique beings?”

As these questions mounted, Mariah did something unheard of for her, she prayed. She felt almost embarrassed.

After that initial bout of religion, she avoided Christianity and began exploring other religions. Then she started having dreams about the Bible, as prophesied by the prophet Joel thousands of years earlier (Joel 2:28).

Then in December 2017, something unusual happened, Mariah who had struggled with anorexia and bulimia since her times in the Navy was going through a serious battle with the condition and cried out to Jesus for help.

“I can’t explain the feeling what it was. It was love. Someone loved me. I felt stillness, peace,” she said. “Within seconds the crying stopped, not on my own. Something had come over my entire being. There are no words. The entire room was filled with Jesus.”

“I felt healed,” she continued. “It felt almost like I never had an addiction to begin with. This darkness, this heaviness that was over me for four years, gone completely. I went to bed that night shocked – in a good way. I just could not believe what happened to me. I still can’t fathom what he did to me.”

A few days later, Mariah became a Christian and found herself healed of this dangerous affliction.

Sy Garte, Ph.D. in biochemistry and raised in an atheistic, communist home

Science had a similar impact on biochemist Sy Garte, Ph.D.

He had been raised in a family that had embraced atheism for three generations. This also included having a hard-core communist mother.

But as he began to study in biochemistry, Sy realized the complexity of life and the miraculous events that must have taken place for the formation of life.

“I learned about the process by which proteins are made in cells and that’s a very complex process that involves a tremendous amount of biomolecules interacting with each other and the complexity is just incredible,” he said in a video for Capturing Christianity. “I remember feeling like a chill going down my spine. It was like, ‘This is amazing. How did this get here?’ It was something that I couldn’t answer.”

After initially believing God was a lazy way of explaining life, he realized that the exact opposite was true, evolution was the lazy atheist’s way of explaining the unbelievable complexity of life.

“But with what I was learning in biochemistry and about how life works right, it just seemed that saying ‘evolution explains everything in life’ was too glib, too easy. It didn’t seem to me to be enough,” Sy said.

But it wasn’t just that. Evolution also can’t explain humanity, our consciousness. It doesn’t explain our morality or creativity.

“The idea that Darwinian evolution by natural selection explains why we have morality or why we’re creative or why we love music, that’s just nonsense,” Sy said.

Sy became a Christian after a friend invited him to church. With God’s creation creating doubts about evolution and atheism, Sy believed in Jesus.

Though Satan uses evolution to have us question our faith, we need to understand that the Holy Spirit is using creation, to create doubts in atheism.

It’s ultimately a spiritual battle.

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