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Concerns over looming Bible shortage in Hong Kong

As the atheistic Chinese Communist Party tightens its stranglehold on Hong Kong since the city lost its freedom in 1997, believers are concerned that there may soon be a Bible shortage. The Christian Post reports: The Catholic religious order of Franciscans, which runs the biblical research institute Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in Hong Kong, has found that printing companies fear that printing the Bibles without government approval might lead to trouble with authorities, according to the U.S.-based persecution watchdog International Christian Concern. “Studium Biblicum Franciscanum has been unable to find a suitable printing house for the Catholic Chinese Bibles and therefore has not been able to print the new Catholic Chinese Bibles,” the U.S.-based watchdog group ChinaAid quoted Franciscan Friar Raymond Mary Yeung, a member of the SBF, as saying. Studium Biblicum Fanciscanum reported that it has released all of its supply of Bibles to bookstores and if its stock is not soon replenished, a Bible shortage is just weeks away. The Chinese Communist Party is officially atheistic. READ: Fears of Bible shortage in Hong Kong tied …

‘Without an excuse’: How God’s creation created doubts in atheists, causing them to become Christians

While we watch atheists becoming emboldened in recent years in their attacks on Christianity, it can cause us to question our faith. But a verse in Romans has always puzzled me: 20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world,[a] in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. (Romans 1:20 ESV) People can have all the excuses they want on judgement day on why they didn’t believe in God, but in the end, the Apostle Paul states that everyone will be without excuse because of God’s creation. But I think this verse is suggesting more than just that, because it also means that the Holy Spirit uses creation to create secret doubts in the minds of those who claim to be atheists. And along this line, God Reports had testimonies on how two atheists became Christians because of their study of science. Mariah Jones confronted by God in second-year science classes The first story involves Mariah Jones, a …

If God Does Not Exist Then Injustice Does Not Exist

By Dr. Michael L. Brown I recently had a friendly online debate with a former Muslim known as Apostate Prophet (called AP for short). The subject was, “Does God Exist?” In my opening comments, I stated that I did not specialize in debating this issue and that I realized that arguments that seemed compelling to me would be mocked by many atheists. Conversely, I stated that I have listened to the best arguments of atheists and said to myself, “Are you kidding me? Is this the best you have to offer?” (For similar reflections from a Christian apologist on the weakness of atheistic arguments, see Tom Gilson’s recent article here.) So, I made clear from the start that my goal was not to convince the viewers that my view was right. Rather, it was to explain to them why I was 100 percent sure that God is real, especially since so much of my faith is based on my own life experiences rather than on abstract philosophical arguments . To make my case, I gave a …

How can Christians argue with Atheists? 

How do you feel about Atheism? In 2011, four men who argue for Atheism met in the home of one member of the group, and talked freely. They have been described as the “Four Horsemen of the New Atheism.” After their meeting, they continued to argue against religion and they opposed any belief in God. The New Atheists are known to be aggressive and preachy, and they have been called fundamentalists and evangelicals for their beliefs. At first, the aggressive Atheists opposed Christianity, and they seemed like a sect of disaffected Christians. Recently. Some of them spoke against the religion of Islam, and that didn’t work for them. They are now accused of “Islamophobia” which is socially unacceptable prejudice. Some aggressive Atheists have been criticized and rejected because of their opinions about Islam, and the New Atheism movement is struggling now, a victim of political correctness.  They did much better when they only attacked Christians. READ: The New Atheism If you want a sample of how aggressive Atheists speak, here are some recent titles: Why …

Was Christopher Hitchens right? Is religion evil?

You might know who Christopher Hitchens is, or was. He died in 2011. He was a very intelligent man, and I’m sure that debating him was an impossible task. He had a good memory for history, and he could defend his ideas aggressively. I would never want to be on a stage debating hum. Probably his best-known book is “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.” He was a militant atheist, and he was very entertaining as he spoke against religion and God. After the 9-11 attacks, he often argued against the religion of Islam. He also believed that the Christian evangelist Billy Graham was an evil liar, and he said so openly. READ: Christopher Hitchens In 2011, at the age of 62, while he was on a speaking tour, he was rushed to a hospital. The doctors discovered that he had cancer, and he died a year and a half later. His words are still with us, in books and recordings. So, was he correct? Is all religion evil? 1) He is wrong: …

Dr. Francis Collins: ‘My atheism was dangerously thin’

It is a powerful testimony of how one scientist, Dr. Francis Collins, realized his belief in atheism was “dangerously thin” resulting him becoming a believer in Jesus Christ. And he is not just any scientist, Dr Francis Collins, 70, also serves as the Director of the National Institutes for Health (NIH) in the US which is the agency responsible for developing a COVID-19 vaccine in that country. He is also a world-recognized geneticist and led the Human Genome Project and is credited for finding the genes associated with several diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis. In acceptance speech, after receiving a Templeton Prize on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020, Dr. Collins shared his remarkable transformation from atheist to Christian. Dr. Collins started off as an agnostic, but as he pursued his career in science he began to embrace atheism. But that all changed when one of his patients asked him what he believed about God, Collins said: “I realised my atheism was dangerously thin. I began a journey to try to understand why intellectually sophisticated people could actually …

Atheists: No God, or No Christians?

Richard Dawkins is a scholar of evolution science and one of the best known promoters of Atheism. He admits that he is strongly opposed to Christianity, and progressive leftists support him in this. He is an intelligent man, and highly respected as a scholar, and his dislike for Christianity is expressed in many hurtful comments. When he attacks Christians, people either don’t care, or they cheer him on. Apparently Christians are a fair target for prejudice and abuse, in progressive society. But now Richard Dawkins is being attacked by the same people who used to support him. He decided to be fair, and to also criticize other religions that believe in God. Since he claims to be an atheist, a ‘no God’ believer, that is fair. When Richard Dawkins criticized Islam in the same way he commonly attacked Christians and their beliefs, he was labelled a bigot, and at least one major event was cancelled where he was the speaker. This creates an obvious question; Is militant Atheism a rejection of the concept of God, …

A cute study reveals an odd thing about atheists

There has been an interesting trend in recent years during times of tragedy when people typically express their thoughts and prayers. Atheists are now overtly outraged at these kind gestures, even though studies show that, many people (even those not overtly religious) actually appreciate such expressions, because we are social beings and are strengthened by the larger community’s support. A cute study conducted by researchers from Harvard University and the University of Wyoming wanted to take a closer look at this phenomenon. The study results, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, exposed a very unusual trait among atheists. The researchers studied people from North Carolina who lived through Hurricane Florence that hit in September 2018. It dropped upwards of 35 inches (0.89 meters) of rain causing massive damage largely due to flooding. They gave each of the 482 participants, who ranged from atheists to Christians, $5, who were told they could use the money to gain supportive prayers or thoughts from others after the crisis. Those …

United Church on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Canada converted into a museum. Credit: Harvey Barrrison/Flickr/Creative Commons

In the name of ‘diversity,’ an atheist allowed to pastor a church in Canada

It is a bizarre world when an atheist is allowed to pastor a church, but that is exactly what happened recently in Canada. Now to be fair, it took place in the United Church of Canada, a very liberal denomination and holds some flexible opinions on God, Jesus and the Bible. Over the past several years, attendance has been in a free fall in the denominations with church closings happening regularly as congregations are no longer viable. But being a religious organization, one would have thought that there would be a line drawn in the sand somewhere on how liberal its views would get, but apparently not. Rev. Gretta Vosper, 60, pastors West Hill United Church in Toronto. In 2001 she came out publicly as an atheist in a sermon to her congregation. It had an impact as over the next several months people started leaving including 100 who left when Vosper decided to no longer say the Lord’s Prayer during Sunday services. The United Church was aware of Vosper’s announcement, but in the name …

St Paul's Cathedral, London, England during the Great Fire attack during World War II, December 29, 1941 Credit: National Archives/New Times Paris Bureau/Public Domain

Apocalypse 4: The Atheist Wars

I don’t believe in Santa Claus. If Santa was God, I would be an atheist. When my children were little, I took them to the mall before Christmas, where other families brought their children to see Mall Santa. Those children had fun, and got coloring books and candy canes, all for free. So where were my children? In the line up with everyone else. With my Scottish name, it must be clear that I love not spending money, and free anything is attractive to me. I don’t believe in Santa Claus, and I told my children that he was not real, but fake Santa sure was fun. And my wallet stayed safe in my pocket. I have met one atheist who truly did not believe in God. I am a Christian and he was a friend of mine. I never saw him in church, but he probably would not object to a visit. He was an atheist, not a hater. Have you noticed that most people who call themselves atheists are angry at God? They …

A photo taken somewhere in China entitled "Finger of God." Chez Andre 1/Flickr/Creative Commons

The God of atheists?

Elizabeth King wrote an interesting article for The Washington Post in early February 2016. An atheist she states in the title: “I’m an atheist. So why can’t I shake God? King says she grew up in a Christian home with her mom and step dad. She called herself a born-again Christian who went to Church twice a week. But that all changed when she turned 16 and she began to question all things God and Biblical. In the end she seems to blame her youth pastors who were unable to provide satisfactory answers as to why homosexuality was a sin or why premarital sex was wrong. From these unanswered questions, King slowly graduated to becoming a full-blown atheist. But psychologist Paul Vitz has a different opinion on what causes atheism. In 1999, he wrote a controversial book,  Faith of the Fathers: The Psychology of Atheism. He believes that people’s atheism is based on a person’s relationship with their father. Poor or absent fathers create many atheists, he believes. In his book, he delves into the …

Let there be light Photo Nima; hopographer/Flickr/Creative Commons

Does science make a case for God?

On Christmas day in 2014, an article appeared in the Wallstreet Journal (WSJ) entitled “Science increasingly makes the case for God.” Written by Christian apologist and author Eric Metaxas, the article caused a firestorm on the internet. It received an incredible 550,000 Facebook shares. This along with nearly 9,500 comments made it one of WSJ’s most read articles in its prestigious history. In the article, Metaxas starts off writing how science has been desperately looking for life on other planets. He cited an article written in 1966 by Time Magazine entitled “Is God dead?”. In it, astronomer Carl Sagan suggested in the vastness of the universe there were a septillion number of planets (1 plus 24 zeros) capable of life. Sagan believed all that was needed was a decent sun with a planet the right distance away and presto life will spontaneously appear. A number of government and private organizations popped up to track down these aliens. They organized into a group called the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. But Metaxas points out it has been …

The real reason the media and atheists mock Christians — cowardice

In an interview with atheist Phil Zukerman expressed his opinion on why the media has so actively mocked Christians while giving Muslims a free ride. Zukerman is a professor at Pitzer College where he teaches secular studies. He also writes a blog where he actively criticizes Christianity and Judaism. The Gospel Herald reported on the interview. According to Zukerman the reason is very simple — cowardice. The media are terrified of Muslim extremists and possible physical retaliation so instead they mock and deride Christians. Zukerman said Muslims treatment of women and gays is much more “problematic,” but the media will not say a word. The professor even admitted as an atheist he criticizes Christianity and ignores Islam for the same reason because he fears for his family. In the interview he stated: “I would never write the same kind of stuff that I do about certain religions — Judaism, Christianity, LDS — that I would about Islam because of straight up fear.” Gospel Herald also pointed to a recent interview host Bill Maher had …

McDougall Memorial United Church, Morley, Alberta

Can an atheist pastor a church?

This is a problem facing the United Church of Canada (UCC). During the 1950s, the UCC was a growing evangelical church. Things started falling apart when one of the church’s lead evangelists, Charles Templeton (1915-2001), walked away from the faith in 1957 embracing Liberalism — rejecting Christ’s Deity and the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. The fall of Templeton shook the United Church to its core. Templeton who also worked with Youth for Christ was a close friend of Billy Graham and they even preached together during evangelistic crusades. Graham believed God intended Templeton to be the evangelist that Billy Graham ended up becoming. Templeton was God’s first choice according to Graham. In fact, Templeton, who had attended a Liberal seminary, tried to convince Graham the Bible was no longer the inspired Word of God. This led to a crisis of faith for Graham, but one he passed and Billy went on to become one of the greatest evangelists the world has ever seen. But the United Church never recovered from Templeton’s fall. …

Half of children raised as atheists return to faith

[by Dean Smith] In my previous post, I talked briefly about America’s changing religious landscape. In 2007, 78.4% of Americans identified themselves as Christian. By 2014 that number had shrunk to 70.6%. The vast majority of the decline occurred in the liberal mainline denominations whose membership numbers are in a free fall and as well the Catholic church. Meanwhile those who classified themselves as having no religious association including agnostics, atheists and any who answered “none” when asked their religious affiliation increased over that same period from 16.1% to 22.8%. However, while pouring through the data, the Daily Beast uncovered an interesting tidbit. They found that nearly 50% of the people who had been raised in a “none” religious homes now associated with a religion.

No infrared, no proof, but still most atheists believe in aliens

[by Dean Smith] It is a strange irony. While on one hand atheists claim they can’t believe in God because there is no scientific evidence to prove His existence, yet polls show the majority of atheists believe in aliens even though there is no scientific evidence to prove their existence. Oh sure, there are YouTube videos of people claiming aliens abducted them for experimentation, but that is hardly evidence. In fact, in a documentary produced by the Discovery Channel, famed atheist and physicist Stephen Hawking expressed concern about an advanced alien society plundering earth’s resources along the Hollywood theme of War of the Worlds or Independence Day. Well, Hawking and other like-minded atheists needn’t worry, Penn State just released its analysis of 100,000 galaxies probed by NASA’s Wise space observatory. They were looking for evidence of advanced alien civilizations and found none.

An evolutionist comes clean on the impossibility of evolution by stating we are alone

[by Dean Smith] Evolutionists want everyone to think that science is settled on evolution — that it is a hard, cold scientific fact. But it is actually just a theory on how life developed on earth and it’s not a very good one. The Bible is very clear that God alone created the heavens and earth and all life on our planet. And at least one evolutionist has come clean on the impossible odds of evolution happening in a very odd way. In a recent documentary called “Human Universe,” produced by England’s BBC, Professor Brian Cox said he does not believe in aliens or any other form of extra terrestrial life on other planets. Why?

Photo from Marshall Space craft sun over the India ocean. Photo: NASA/Flickr

The majority of atheists have faith after all — they believe in aliens

Just because atheists don’t believe in God, it doesn’t mean they don’t have faith. In his recent book, Religions and Extraterrestrial life, Astronomer David Weintraub from Tennessee’s Vanderbilt University said 55% of atheists believe in aliens. According to the Daily Mail, in his book, Weintraub released the results of a poll on what different religious groups believe when it comes to little green men from mars. Of course, atheists have solid scientific proof for their belief in aliens. I mean we have the government cover-up of Area 51 in Nevada, USA, where an alien space craft supposedly crashed. Depending on what conspiracy theory you subscribe too, some of the aliens were still alive after the crash and kept hidden by the government for years in a secret facility located miles below the surface of the earth. And of course, these atheists can point to all those weather balloons, err UFOs, flying through the sky. Some were even captured on video and of course if it’s on YouTube, it must be true. Then there is the solid …

Peter Hitchens: When your famous brother is an ‘atheist’ and you are not

People like me – though still allowed to speak – are allowed on to mainstream national broadcasting only under strict conditions: that we are ‘balanced’ by at least three other people who disagree with us so that our views, actually held by millions, are made to look like an eccentric minority opinion. — Peter Hitchens, May 29, 2011, The Mail on Sunday Peter Hitchens, author and award-winning journalist, is the younger brother of Christopher Hitchens (deceased) a renown atheist. Christopher, an American and a socialist, was a vocal opponent of Christianity till he died of cancer in 2011. For a time, Christopher was even a writer for the International Socialist.  During his career as an author and journalist, Christopher publicly criticized Christianity in particular, but other religions as well. He wrote a book called God is not Great where he stated that religion poisons everything. Curiously, Peter — born on Malta in 1951, son of a career naval officer — started off similar to his brother.

The fathers of atheism?

In 1999, Catholic psychologist Paul Vitz caused a stir when he published his book — Faith of the Fathers: The Psychology of Atheism. In it, Vitz attributed a person’s atheistic views to poor and/or absent fathers.  Vitz — a professor at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences based in Arlington, Virginia, a Catholic graduate school — recently released an updated edition of his book In an interview with Religion News, Vitz said, “We need to understand atheism has a lot to do with our emotional attitudes towards life, other people and a lot of other things. I think that is an important thing for atheists and believers alike to take into consideration.” Vitz studied the childhood of a number of radical atheists such as Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Voltaire and Nietzsche and noticed each came from homes with abusive fathers. Vitz says this affected their ability to develop a relationship with God, their Heavenly Father. When his book was first published there was a swift reaction from the atheistic community. Many were incensed their beliefs had …

The great pretenders: Look who is infiltrating the church

It shouldn’t surprise us. The Apostle Paul warned this would happen a couple of centuries earlier. The Apostle Paul was on his way to Jerusalem and in what was his last good-bye to the elders of Ephesus, Paul charged them to watch for wolves who would try to infiltrate the church (Acts 20:17-38). Jesus made the same warning, though He was a bit more descriptive describing them as wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing (Mathew 7:15a NASV) Wolves disguised as sheep. It is not something believers in the West understand. But Christians in communist and muslim countries are always on their guard as governments and religious extremists purposefully try to infiltrate churches with their agents. These are the wolves being referred to by Jesus and Paul.

Pope Francis

Pope ditches Bible and decides atheists can go to heaven without believing

In simple dismissal of Scripture, Pope Francis declared atheists can go to heaven without believing in God. The statement was part of a letter Pope Francis sent to the Eugenio Scalfari, publisher of La Repubblica newspaper. Scalfari is not a Catholic and sent a letter to the Pope asking a series of questions. Pope Francis did throw in one qualifier though, atheists and others would have to listen their conscience. According to reports,

Did a Canadian human rights tribunal just classify atheism as a religion?

ONTARIO, CANADA: The Ontario Human Right Tribunal (OHRT) has just ruled atheists need protection under the human rights legislation like other faiths such as Christianity, Muslims and Buddhists. The Tribunal made this decision in response to a complaint by Rene Chouinard, an atheist, who wanted to distribute a book called “Just Pretend: A Freethought Book for Children” to children attending schools in the Niagara School Board (NSB). The book treats God as a mythical creature. The NSB has

Great-great-great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin returns to church

Charles Darwin would be turning over in his grave. (If that is where he still is.) The National Catholic Register reports Laura Keynes —  great-great-great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin — is now attending the Catholic church. She has even gone a step further and joined Catholic Voices which defends the Catholic church in the media. Laura is not only a direct descendant of Darwin, but also has John Maynard Keynes (a famous economist) as a great-great uncle. Keeping with the family education tradition, Laura has a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford. However, Laura’s return to church clearly breaks with another long-established family tradition rooted