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Atheists: No God, or No Christians?

Richard Dawkins is a scholar of evolution science and one of the best known promoters of Atheism. He admits that he is strongly opposed to Christianity, and progressive leftists support him in this. He is an intelligent man, and highly respected as a scholar, and his dislike for Christianity is expressed in many hurtful comments.

When he attacks Christians, people either don’t care, or they cheer him on. Apparently Christians are a fair target for prejudice and abuse, in progressive society.

But now Richard Dawkins is being attacked by the same people who used to support him. He decided to be fair, and to also criticize other religions that believe in God. Since he claims to be an atheist, a ‘no God’ believer, that is fair.

When Richard Dawkins criticized Islam in the same way he commonly attacked Christians and their beliefs, he was labelled a bigot, and at least one major event was cancelled where he was the speaker.

This creates an obvious question; Is militant Atheism a rejection of the concept of God, or is it really a disguised attack on the followers of Jesus?


  1. “This creates an obvious question; Is militant Atheism a rejection of the concept of God, or is it really a disguised attack on the followers of Jesus?”

    You make false claims. Atheism that doesn’t sit down and shut up as you would hope is indeed a rejection of your version of your god and an attack on Christians who make false claims and who try to harm others in the name of their version of their religion.

    Many theists are upset that they can’t try to demand that they have to be respected for their false claims anymore. When questions are asked and evidence is shown, they find that their claims aren’t blindly accepted anymore. Pointing out that you are wrong isn’t “prejudice or abuse”. Christians simply don’t like being treated like they treat other theists when they claim that they are wrong or evil, etc.


    • smcintos says

      Thank you for your comment, but I think you missed the point. Why are Atheists, like you, so focused on Christians? Your comments are all about Christians, although you use the term Theists. Why the silence about Islam, or Judaism, or Hinduism, or Buddhism?


      • Nice try, but your lie that atheists only focus on Christians fails. I happily confront Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Wicca and Buddhists.

        Since I am an American, I focus on Christians since they are the majority in the US, though the sects hate each other and try to convert each other. Since all theists use much the same excuses and arguments, I have no problem in showing that all theists are making nonsense up.

        Christians do seem to like to pretend they are martyrs when they are not. Especially in the US. You are horrified that someone dares tell you that you are wrong by rejecting your claims, and you try to make it personal. The followers of Jesus are nothing special, and if you are wrong, you are wrong.


      • smcintos says

        Thank you for your comment again, but I will discontinue our discussion here. I think it is becoming too aggressive for this forum.

        I reported that Richard Dawkins criticized Muslims, so I know that Atheists do criticize other religions; sometimes. Also, there are many religions practised in North America, we don’t live in a Christian society and there is no need to focus on one faith.

        I believe that if you express aggressive criticism to religions other than Christianity, you risk being accused of hate speech, as Richard Dawkins was. Feel free to prove me wrong.


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