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Harvard appoints atheist a head of its chaplains

Harvard University Freshman dorms
Credit: Mancala/Wikipedia/Public Domain

According to a report by the New York Times, Greg Epstein, the man who heads Harvard’s University’s chaplain program, is in fact an atheist.

WND reports that Epstein, who has served as the school’s ‘humanist chaplain’ since 2005 and is author of ‘Good with out God,” was just recently appointed to head the university’s 30 chaplains that serve the spiritual needs of those attending the school.

WND adds that the school’s Latin motto, “Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae”, translated means: “Truth for Christ and the Church.”

According to a 2020 survey published by the school’s newspaper, The Harvard Crimson:

  • 23.1% of Harvard students were agnostic,
  • 17.8% Catholic
  • 17.3% were atheist.
  • 16.9% protestant
  • 6.3% Jewish
  • 2.9% Hindus and
  • 2.8% Muslim.
  • 12.9% Other

READ: The New Chief Chaplain at Harvard? An Atheist. AND Harvard names atheist as chief chaplain

Though it appears, Epstein does not believe in God, there was no indication if he believed in aliens like 85% of atheists. READ: For Atheists, the Idea of Aliens Seems Real. Religious People Doubt it.

In Canada, the United Church, a very liberal denomination, has allowed a self-professed atheist to continue pastoring one of its churches, in the name of diversity and inclusion. READ: Atheist minister keeping position after confidential settlement with United Church of Canada

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