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Atheism and high social media usage linked to higher teenage suicide risk, study finds

A study by the Center for Bible Engagement (CBE) has concluded that atheistic thinking and high social media usage are contributing to a higher risk of suicide among teens, Christian Headlines reports.

CBE surveyed 4,700 teens between the ages of 14 to 17 from nine different countries as part of its study.

The researchers concluded that there was a correlation between ‘atheism/agnosticism/spiritual uncertainty’ and significant social media usage that led to what the study termed destructive thinking that included thoughts of suicide.

“Rates of destructive thoughts are more common among teens who express that they don’t believe in anything spiritual, are uncertain about their beliefs, or believe they sin, but don’t believe in Jesus,” the study noted.

CBE found that destructive thinking was significantly more common among those teens who questioned the reality of God and the afterlife. This included those who entertain thoughts that included “I have no need for God,” “There is no afterlife when we die,” and “God does not exist.”

Those teens who had a firmer belief in God, the Bible, and the afterlife were significantly less likely to have destructive thinking.

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