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Report: Christianity growing faster than atheism

A recent report by Lifeway Research concluded that Christianity is growing at a faster rate than atheism.

According to the Christian Post, the 2022 Status of Global Christianity report found that while the number of religious people (all religions) grew by 1.27% between 2000 and 2022, the number of those avowing atheism only grew by 0.18%.

When looking at the growth of select groups of Christianity, the numbers were even higher.

The report stated that the number of Evangelical Christians grew by 1.8% over that same period, and the number of Pentecostal Christians by 1.88%.

The study also revealed the regions of the world experiencing the fastest growth of Christianity between 2000 and 2022 were Africa at 2.27% followed by Asia at 1.50%.

Based on current trends, the study predicted that by 2050, there would be:

  • Over one billion Pentecostal Christians, up from one million in 1900. They would make up a roughly a third of the Christian population, which is expected to hit 3.3 billion over the next 28 years.
  • 143 million atheists, down from 165 million in 1970;
  • 1.5 billion Catholics, up from one billion in 2022

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