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Collateral deaths from the lockdowns?

With the political elite warning of more COVID lockdowns this fall, experts are suggesting that Britain may be experiencing upwards of 1,000 deaths a week due to the previous lockdowns, The Daily Mail reports.

For the past three weeks, both England and Wales experienced 1,500 excess deaths per week. Excess deaths reflect the number of deaths exceeding the average number of deaths expected weekly, this time of year.

Many believe the remaining deaths are due to the fallout from the lockdowns that resulted in many people not being able to access needed medical attention.

The Daily Mail explains:

Record backlogs for routine treatment and soaring A&E waits, also a symptom of the pandemic, could also be to blame, according to Professor Paul Hunter, an infectious disease expert at the University of East Anglia.

Throughout the pandemic, scientists warned shutting down society and cancelling operations could cause the worsening of other conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Britain has been experiencing excess deaths since the end of March.

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Don’t forget the mental struggles due to the lockdowns?

Of course, this does not include the mental health issues hitting teens, due also to the lockdowns.

According to Britain’s National Health Services, a million teens in Britain are now on antidepressants, up 25% from 2016. READ: More than a MILLION prescriptions for antidepressants now written for teens in England each year — up by a quarter since 2016 amid mental health crisis after lockdowns

Lockdowns did not work

And before we forget, several studies are now showing that the lockdowns did not work, if the goal was to stop the spread of COVID.

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