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Are electric vehicles unionizing in California?

There is evidence that electric vehicles (EVs) are unionizing. I am not talking about the drivers, but the vehicles themselves, as it is being reported that several electric cars recently initiated a work stoppage.

Over half a dozen, GM Cruise robotaxis in San Francisco, California just stopped working at the same time, and blocked traffic for several hours, until union busters showed up to haul them away.

READ: Group of Robotaxis All Shut Down at Same Moment, Stopping Traffic for Hours

‘Woke’ EVs refusing to pursue criminals

Apparently, these unionized EVs have also gone ‘woke’ and are now refusing to pursue criminals in Britain.

The Express explains what is happening in Gloucester, England, where over 20% of their police vehicles are electric:

ELECTRIC police cars are running out of charge when responding to emergencies because the sirens and blue lights drain the batteries, according to a Police and Crime Commissioner.

Gloucester Constabulary has the largest full electric fleet in the UK, with 21 percent of their 435 vehicles being electric. Chris Nelson, Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucester, said officers who were driving the electric vehicles had difficult experiences finding chargers in the county.

He said the vehicles using their lights, radio and sirens were in danger of “running out of puff”.

READ: Electric police cars are ‘running out of puff’ and causing ‘lots of problems’

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