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Surging suicides force schools to partially reopen in Nevada

The New York Times reports that a large school district in Nevada has been forced to partially reopen to in-person schooling after a surge of suicides among students.

The Dailywire explains:

The nation’s fifth-largest school district of Clark County, Nevada, will return to in-person education “as quickly as possible” following a “surge” of student suicides in and around the county’s central city, Las Vegas, according to The New York Times.

The shocking news of a rash of student suicides in Nevada has school districts across the country rethinking the strategy of in-home and online learning amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and reconsidering their position that students might fully recover from a year spent out of the company of peers.

“The spate of student suicides in and around Las Vegas has pushed the Clark County district, the nation’s fifth-largest, toward bringing students back as quickly as possible,” the NYT reported Sunday. “This month, the school board gave the green light to phase in the return of some elementary school grades and groups of struggling students even as greater Las Vegas continues to post huge numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths.”

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Of course, teacher’s unions are absolutely opposed to the idea. READ: Commentary: Here’s what teachers’ unions’ refusal to permit a return to classroom learning says about how important they think teachers really are AND Socialist Chicago Teachers Union Leader Resists ‘Unsafe’ Schools Reopening — From Puerto Rico Poolside

One of the biggest concerns about the lockdowns is the damage they are doing to people’s mental well-being. We are social beings, and we need contact with other people.

This is particularly true of children.

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