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It’s unbelievable, except it happened in California

The principal of Theuerkauf Elementary School in Mountain View, California, called police to remove a 4-year-old boy because he refused to wear a mask. It was his first day of school and the boy, who may also have learning difficulties, was already inconsolable when teachers asked him to put on a mask, the Daily Mail reports. When his dad showed up, the principal ordered him to leave the school grounds under threat he would be removed if he didn’t leave. The police then escorted the boy off the school premises. Theuerkauf Elementary School is one of only a handful of schools mandating masks in California. It changed its policy the next day. READ: Shocking moment boy, 4, is removed from his Silicon Valley school by POLICE after he refused to wear mask: Dad says face-coverings leave youngster ‘distraught’ As one blogger noted: “It’s the people in charge who are the children.” Meanwhile, as police walk 4-year-olds out of school, restaurant owners are training their workers in kung-fu to fight real crime. READ: Store Owner in …

CA school kids to chant to Aztec gods of death?

There are two stories about how woke, left-wing educators are trying to train your children. Not surprisingly these stories are out of New York and California. According to an article on Fox News, California educators are proposing a new curriculum that would have students chanting the names of Aztec gods of death, which people were sacrificed to sometimes by having their hearts cut out while they were still alive.

Teachers told not to post spring break photos

As teachers and their unions continue to oppose the return to in-person classrooms in California, there was a warning on the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) Facebook page for teachers not to post any photos of their holidaying on social media during spring break. Apparently, it sends the wrong message about the teachers’ position that returning to in-person schooling is unsafe.

Is a teachers’ union racially profiling those wanting schools to reopen?

The United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is opposed to having schools reopened and as part of its campaign, UTLA is allegedly racially profiling those calling for schools to reopen. An email was sent to one person, who had apparently been cited in the media supporting school reopening, to find out the person’s racial identity. The Daily Caller provides the details: California’s largest teachers union has allegedly sent emails to racially profile parents who have spoken favorably to media about the Los Angeles school district reopening. The Feb. 19 email is entitled as a “research project,” and appears to be sent from an official United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) email address. The “research specialist” said that they are compiling data on race and class based on who speaks about Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) issues in the Los Angeles Times.  READ: Teachers Union Allegedly Sends Emails To Racially Profile Los Angeles Parents Speaking To Media In Favor Of School Reopening And, oh yeah, when the president of UTLA stated that the pressure to reopen schools …

The union demanded teachers be vaccinated first, then …

The Oregon teachers union demanded that the state vaccinate teachers before they would return to work. Democrat Gov. Kate Brown agreed believing that the kids needed to get back to school. So, the Governor pushed teachers to the front of line ahead of the elderly and those most vulnerable to the virus. The teachers got vaccinated, but now, with the support of the union, they are still refusing to turn to work.

Union leader basks in the sun as she opposes schools re-opening

Many of the teachers’ unions are battling any attempts to have kids returning to in person teaching. Of course, they are citing fears of the COVID-1984 pandemic as the reason. One of those leading the charge against reopening schools is a left-leaning leader of the Chicago Teachers Union. I completely understand why she is opposed. I mean who wants to be in blustery Chicago in mid winter, when you could be relaxing at a pool in Puerto Rico?