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Second-grader banned from reading Bible at school

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) reported that teachers at a school in Illinois confiscated the Bible of a second grade student after they caught her reading the Bible at recess.

The ACLJ reports:

“We recently heard from the parents of Gabrielle, a second-grader in Illinois. It seems Gabrielle likes to bring her Bible to school and read it during recess. Sometimes she reads it aloud, and sometimes other kids listen in and talk with her about what she’s reading. Constitutional crisis? It shouldn’t be; but little Gabrielle had her Bible taken away by a teacher and was told, ‘You just can’t be doing that.”

When Gabrielle’s parents protested, the school partially relented, stating that Gabrielle would be allowed to read her Bible outside at recess but not inside.

However, that is not was the US Constitution states and when Gabrielle’s parents approached ACLJ for help, the organization promptly sent a letter to the school informing them of a previous Supreme Court ruling that “students do not ‘shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.'”

After receiving the letter, the school reversed its ban on the Bible reading.

ACLJ has since discovered there had not been a single complaint about Gabrielle reading her Bible at the school, the crackdown was initiated by the teachers.

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