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CDC: Little evidence COVID spreading in schools

It is time to reopen schools. While teacher’s unions are aggressively opposing the reopening of schools in America (READ Socialist Chicago Teachers Union Leader Resists ‘Unsafe’ Schools Reopening — From Puerto Rico Poolside), the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states there is little evidence that COVID is spreading in schools.

CBN reports:

On the same day, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a paper showing “scant transmission” of COVID-19 in the classroom, New York City council member Mark Levine, a Democrat, said it’s “too soon” to say whether the city’s public middle and high schools will reopen by September. And President Joe Biden’s pick for deputy secretary of the Department of Education, Cindy Marten, has made clear she has no interest in reopening public schools in San Diego, where she serves as superintendent. It would be wrong to allow kids to come back to school, she reasoned, because the virus is “out of control in our communities.” […]

recently released joint study between Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill found that, after observing 100,000 students and staff members across 11 school districts for nine weeks, there were zero instances of children passing COVID-19 onto adult instructors or school employees. The researchers concluded such transmissions are “extremely rare.”

READ: CDC: There’s Little Evidence to Claim COVID Is Spreading in Schools

Meanwhile, school closures are having a dramatic impact not only on a child’s education, but mental well-being as well. It has been so serious that some school districts in Nevada have decided to reopen because of a surge of youth suicides. READ: Report: ‘Surge Of Student Suicides’ Forced Las Vegas School District To Return To In-Person Learning

READ: Italy Reports ‘Alarming’ Spike in Attempted Suicides Among Youth During Lockdowns

READ: 1 in 4 youth can’t cope in pandemic, Christian mental health expert says peer support is key

READ: ‘It’s Really Hard To Cope’: Youth Suicides Skyrocket Nearly 90% In Wisconsin County

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